How do I survive the street fight

Self-defense in street fighting

How to successfully repel a street thug attack

It happens every day and it can strike any of us unexpectedly and unprepared. Although the health consequences are often significant, it is still a taboo subject: the brawl on the street.

It is enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, a crooked look or a careless word - and even peace-loving citizens find themselves in a street fight within seconds. Usually the victims are seriously injured. Current cases make it clear that the conflicts always end fatally.

Lars Konarek, self-defense expert and experienced trainer of police and military units, explains in this guide how you can ideally avoid fights, but in extreme cases decide in your favor and end it within seconds - without having to learn a martial art!

Here you will find out how you can effectively and realistically defend yourself against attackers in a self-defense situation, which techniques really work in stressful situations and which you shouldn't use.

From Lars Konarek you will also learn everything about fear control, combat psychology and the individual phases of a typical street fight. The common mistakes made by laypeople, which often have fatal consequences, are also discussed.

Everything you need to know about street brawls in a nutshell:

  • How to recognize anger in advance, what the typical victim looks like and how to avoid a street fight
  • How to Control Your Fear
  • The most important techniques that really work on the road and are also available in stressful situations
  • How to fend off a knife attack
  • Which mistakes you absolutely have to avoid
  • How to use everyday objects as weapons
  • Which martial arts have proven themselves in street fighting and which usually fail
  • The dirty tricks and techniques of street thugs