What are the main advantages of Vodafone

Telekom or Vodafone DSL - what are the differences, disadvantages and advantages of Internet connections?

Telekom or Vodafone DSL - what are the differences, disadvantages and advantages of Internet connections? - Vodafone and Telekom are the two largest providers of Internet connections and DSL in Germany. With the takeover of Unitymedia in particular, Vodafone has again gained significant numbers of customers and has thus consolidated its second place among DSL providers. Vodafone also offers two networks: the reseller tariffs in the Telekom network and the cable tariffs in the former TV network of Kabel-Deutschland and Unitymedia.

Customers have two large providers to choose from when it comes to Internet connections and in this article we want to clarify where the advantages and disadvantages of these two companies are and what differences exist in the area of ​​Internet connections.


The advantages of Telekom Internet connections

Telekom itself currently operates the largest cable network in Germany and thus has access to most landline and cable connections nationwide. Based on experience, this is also noticeable in network service, customers repeatedly report that Telekom is the better contact in the event of problems and malfunctions and that you can sometimes wait longer with other companies in this network - especially with slow internet or malfunctions can be very annoying.

Telecom connections are particularly interesting if you also use a company’s mobile phone contract. Then there are discounts and other special offers via the Telekom Magenta EINS Vorteil, which make the overall package significantly cheaper. The company itself writes about these offers:

With MagentaEINS you combine your telecom landline contract with mobile communications and secure exclusive advantages, e.g. B .:

    • Save 5 € every month!
    • New: double the data volume!
    • Flat rate from landline to all cellular networks!

Telekom itself sells its own tariffs under the name MagentaZuHause and often other options such as TV are also included - here you have to check what is currently being offered on a campaign basis.

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The advantages of Vodafone DSL and Internet connections

Vodafone now offers a whole range of different products and has developed significantly in recent years, especially in the area of ​​Internet connections. In this regard, Vodafone uses two different cable networks. However, you have to decide on a variant of the Vodafone Internet when you sign up:

  • Vodafone cable: the former cable networks of Kabel Deutschland and Unitymedia with speeds of up to 1Gbit / s. The gigabit connections are only available if there is already an expansion with fiber optics. More on this: Vodafone CableMax
  • Vodafone DSL: Reseller offer in the Telekom network and thus with the same network quality and the same speeds as the Telekom Internet connections.

In principle, you get Vodafone offers wherever there are Telekom offers and also where there is a television cable network. Vodafone already offers gigabit speed in many areas. That seldom happens at Telekom. Overall, Vodafone currently looks more modern in terms of DSL thanks to the gigabit tariffs in the former TV cable network.

With the Vodafone GigaKombi, there is also a bonus program at Vodafone. So if you use the company's cell phone contract and DSL, you get discounts and bonuses. It is therefore also worthwhile to use several Vodafone offers at the same time, although unfortunately not all tariffs and flat rates are included in the GigaKombi.

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Conclusion: Telekom or Vodafone DSL and Internet

With the advantages of Telekom and Vodafone you could already read that Vodafone currently has a clear lead in terms of speed. The Vodafone cable offers meanwhile reach Gigaspeed with speeds of up to 1GBit / s (corresponds to 1000MBit / s). At the moment, you usually get the higher speeds with Vodafone, while in the Telekom network mostly only 50 or 100MBit / s are available.

In terms of price, the advantages are also more at Vodafone. The DSL connection with 50MBit / s is available for 34.99 euros monaltich from Vodafone and from 39.95 euros from Telekom. The price difference is not that big, but it is still there. At Vodafone, you not only get more speed at the moment, you also pay a little less for it. It doesn't have to stay that way, but most of the advantages are currently with the Internet connections from Vodafone.

Only Telekom mobile phone customers have advantages with Telekom, because they can get even more discounts through the combination program.

There are no differences in the mobile area: both providers offer a home spot (Telekom Speedbox or Vodafone GigaCube). So you can use the provider even if there is no cable at all.

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