Is it true that Aussies are racists?

What is "Typical Aussie"

After I think this thread is so beautiful, I would like to get it out of the way * dust off *

I described the Rumo four years ago (amazing !!) and some things have changed.
Furthermore, he is friendly to everyone, but does not need strangers to be happy. He prefers to have strangers as guests at home. You can cuddle up there for a moment, but then you have your peace of mind again . In the club he has become a showcase dog who waits and watches what is coming and then is enthusiastic about everything. He still doesn't report, but takes care of his people (and Wilma), just in his own way. My Bubu is my darling and I am very happy that Wilma was able to see a lot of him. He is not a brawler, avoids conflicts or makes a game request to solve a tense situation. For me he is typically Aussie, that is, he hasn't fallen on his head and has lots of ideas

Wilma ... Wilma is practically on order
she has a protective and watchful instinct and sounds like a rottweiler when someone approaches without permission. If she realizes that everything is okay, she is the friendliest dog under the sun. But if she notices that I don't like a person, he or she doesn't even go there and then this person is not allowed to stroke her or anything like that ... I love this trait! Typical Aussie for me too!
wilma is also really tough and tough! She could also work all day, has a will to please until you drop and is a real sunshine. So far there has not been a situation in which she would have reacted mindlessly, the little one is damn smart and a cool pig
what is also typical for her, the RACE Wilma is a whiz and sometimes I am amazed how quickly such a small part can become and how she can throw her legs backwards

It is also typical for aussie, with my two, that they completely enchanted me <3