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Stellar (XLM) forecast 2021-2025: Looks good

That moves the Stellar course in May

2018 was one of the toughest years for the crypto world. But the market was able to repeat itself and now the expectations for 2021 are particularly high. On the test bench today is the Stellar forecast. Will Stellar Lumens be one of the winners of the next big bull run?

Current price development

Stellar Lumens (XLM) has developed into the shooting star among the altcoins in the last few weeks. Some formidable partnerships made the course skyrocket. For a long time, Stellar acted in the shadow of Ripple (XRP), but could shine again after the threatening lawsuits against Ripple Labs. In the fight for leadership in the field of blockchain payment networks, Stellar Lumens landed a coup with the Ukrainian governments. Budding reports about the upcoming partnership caused the XLM course to increase by 75%. Apparently, Ukraine has chosen Stellar Lumens for the upcoming digitization strategy.

In concrete terms, Stellar should even represent the infrastructural basis for its own Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). In addition, there is a cooperation between the Ukrainian government and the Stellar Development Foundation. The aim of this cooperation should be a mutual exchange in the development of a CBDC. Thus, XLM could not only benefit from Ripple, but also play an important role in the area of ​​digital central bank currencies.

Technical analysis of course development

Stellar has a hard time copying the positive trend in the crypto market in March. Since the correction in late February, XLM has been moving in a sideways corridor between $ 0.38 and $ 0.44. The resistance at $ 0.44 in particular has been a major obstacle in the last few days. The XLM rate is currently moving in a symmetrical triangle. With the coming together of the 50 and 100 Simple Moving Average (SMA), the bulls face strong resistance. The SMA is the addition of the last closing prices divided by the trading days considered.

Should the not unlikely bearish scenario materialize, the price could fall into a deeper loss zone. The Moving Average Convergence / Divergence (MACD) underlines the probability of a price decline in the coming days. According to current expert opinions, a price decline to US $ 0.24 is possible. Should the MACD remain in the negative trend, the bearish scenario will be almost inevitable.

New partnerships

Vonovia is one of the largest real estate groups in Germany with over 400,000 properties. The Bochum-based company has now announced that it will issue a digital bond worth 20 million euros. The special thing about it is that Vonovia processes the bond technically via the Stellar Lumens blockchain. Instead of a global certificate, Vonovia places the shares directly on the blockchain. A specially created token can be purchased via Firstwire's online marketplace. Firstwire worked with Bitbond on the technical implementation. Vonovia had already placed a digital bond in this way and put it into circulation in autumn 2019. The real estate company is hoping for quick and uncomplicated financing in this way. Some institutional investors announced their interest - Das Bankhaus M.M. Warburg finally signed the issue in full.

Stellar (XLM) Facts and Backgrounds

In order to be able to deliver a well-founded Stellar forecast, it is important to include various factors. This includes:

  1. How far is the project and what benefits does the end product or platform offer the customer?
  2. Number of users and transactions. The growth is closely linked to the trading volume.
  3. The price development of the past year and the current trend.
  4. Have there been new features, updates or partnerships?

Stellar is an open source and decentralized blockchain platform with the native currency Stellar Lumens (XLM). Essentially, it is a global payment platform supported by Stellar Lumens as a digital asset. The great advantage that this platform brings with it is that the user can make fast, secure and extremely inexpensive payments between a very large number of currency pairs. In this point, Stellar can convince, it offers the customer a real benefit.

Stellar was able to win a large number of new customers despite the generally unfavorable market development in 2018. As the vivid infographic from Stellar Expert shows, the number of registered accounts was around 244,000 in January 2018. Within almost 2 years, i.e. at the turn of the year 2019/2020, there were slightly more than 4 million accounts. The number of customers has increased by more than 15 times, and the trend is still increasing. In general, everything at Stellar seems to be focused on expansion and growth. The company currently has a large number of new positions to vacate. Most of the vacancies are in engineering.

Stellar growth forecast

The years 2018 and 2019 were peppered with many events for Stellar. At the beginning of the year, XLM started at around US $ 0.39 and only a few days later peaked at US $ 0.89. However, this peak was short-lived and the price slowly declined again until March. On March 8, 2018, Stellar announced a new partnership with Keybase. That made for a brief upturn in April. The next few months were quieter for Stellar. In July, the company hit the headlines again. Stellar XLM became the first blockchain product in the world to be recognized by Sharia law. Stellar announced a few more partnerships during the year. The most important cooperation was probably that with IBM's blockchain World Wire. IBM has many strong partners and an extensive network, from which Stellar can also benefit.

The partnerships contributed to the fact that the XLM prevailed against strong competitors such as Ripple's XRP and was able to develop continuously. But Stellar has a few other advantages. This is how Stellar's smart contracts are better and more secure. This is where the company learned from Ethereum's mistakes. The Stellar Smart Contract is much more rigid, efficient and hardly susceptible to manipulation.

Stellar forecast 2021: that's what the experts say

The points listed above ensure an overall positive mood for the Stellar forecast for 2019. Various platforms and algorithms say the following:

  • Monetize.info: The platform bases its forecast particularly on the influence of partnerships. Because they are known to increase the customer base, which will increase the transaction volume. As a result, this ensures more growth and a price increase. On this basis, Monetize predicts a price increase to US $ 2 to 3.
  • Investing Haven: Here one assumes an even greater increase. Analysts forecast an increase to US $ 4 by the end of 2019.
  • The Oofy: According to their calculations, Stellar Lumen will not exceed US $ 0.3 by the end of 2019. They believe the cryptocurrency will close the year at $ 0.28.

Stellar forecast 2021 to 2025

Long-term forecasts are always difficult. Especially in a market as volatile as this one. Stellar has held up well so far and is still in the top 10 crypto currencies by market capitalization, but the price fluctuates strongly again and again. Some conservative estimates suggest the following developments:

  • Atomic wallet:
    Here one also believes in the influence of partnerships on price development. Stellar has important partnerships with SatoshiPay, HashCash, Mobius and many banks. According to Atomic Wallet, Stellar Lumens could easily increase to as much as US $ 0.60 by 2020.
  • Economic Forecast Agency:
    The Stellar forecast relies heavily on mathematical and statistical calculations based on historical price trends. They come to a similar result and predict a price increase of up to US $ 0.64 for 2020.
  • TheOofy:
    The site's analysts base their prediction on Stellar's past growth rate. As a result, Stellar should see a positive price development. By November 2025, the rate could then be US $ 1.20.

Conclusion on the Stellar Lumens prognosis

Generally speaking, the Stellar looks like the forecast very positive. Because the platform meets all the requirements to be successful. They weathered last year's bear market comparatively well and suffered fewer losses.

How well they will ultimately prevail in the coming years and how the currently emerging bull market will affect Stellar remains to be seen. To the current Stellar (XLM) course.

Instructions on how to invest in Stellar can be found here.