How do I get to Luton Airport

London Airport Transfer Luton. Luton Airport is the fourth largest airport in Greater London after Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted. It is mainly used by low-cost airlines and charter airlines. EasyJet has its head office here. The Luton Airport near London approached. That's why you can find out all the important information for the here Airport transfer from Luton to central London.

Luton Airport Transfer: How do I get to Central London from Luton Airport?

During the Second World War, the Luton airport area was used as a base for the Royal Air Force. Nowadays, fighter jets no longer land at Luton Airport near London, but mainly low-cost airlines that bring tourists to the greater London area and guide Londoners back from their vacation. Luton Airport is not located directly in London, but in the city of the same name, Luton, more precisely in the district of Wigmore, approx. 50 km northwest of London. The transfer can be done in 30-50 minutes.

In 2016, Luton Airport was voted the airport with the lowest customer satisfaction. Since then, however, a lot of renovations have been carried out so that Luton Airport can receive its passengers better in the future. So that you don't notice anything at all, read the various options for the here in advance Airport transfer from Luton to central London by. Here you can also get an overview of the airport grounds.

Which airlines fly to London Luton Airport?

Luton Airport is an international airport, but mainly focuses on routes within Europe. The main airlines at Luton Airport are EasyJet, Wizz Air, Vueling and Ryanair. From German-speaking countries you can almost exclusively get to Luton Airport via EasyJet. There are connections between Luton Airport and Berlin-Schönefeld, Dortmund, Hamburg, Munich, Vienna, Innsbruck, Geneva, Basel and Zurich.

What are the options for Luton airport transfers to central London?

1. By train

The Train connection from Luton Airport to central London does not take place with a specially set up express train, as is the case for the Gatwick Express or the Stansted Express, but via the National Rail, i.e. the public long-distance trains. These do not depart directly from Luton Airport, but from Luton Airport Parkway to London stations Blackfriars, City Thameslink, Farringdon and St Pancras International. The trains run every 10 minutes, even at night, but at longer intervals.

A shuttle bus takes you to Luton Airport Parkway, the journey takes about 10 minutes. When booking train tickets, you should therefore allow some time for baggage pick-up and the shuttle bus. The shuttle bus to Luton Airport Parkway costs £ 2.40 for adults and £ 1.20 for children aged 5-15. If you enter Luton Airport (LUA) as the starting point instead of Luton Airport Parkway (LTN) when booking, the ticket for the shuttle bus is already included in the price.

The fastest airport transfer

The train ticket from Luton Airport to London is also included in the BritRail Pass contain. This is a train ticket that will allow you to discover the UK.

2. With the National Express

If the departure times of the trains do not match your arrival or arrival times, the transfer is vAn alternative from Luton Airport to central London is by bus. The National Express bus service offers two different lines A1 and A2. It takes just 50 minutes to get to central London. A journey time of approx. 90 minutes must be expected to the end stations. The National Express buses run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from Luton Airport to London, even 4 times an hour.

    • A1 to London Victoria Coach Station with stops at Golders Green, Finchley Rd & Frognal Underground Station, Finchley Rd, St John's Wood, Baker Street, Portman Square, Marble Arch and Victoria Rail Station.

    • A2 to London Paddington Station with stops at Golders Green, Finchley Rd & Frognal Underground Station, Finchley Rd, St John's Wood and Baker Street.

    • You can find tickets here: Luton airport transfer by bus or via picture ticket selection at the beginning of the article.

3. With the Green Line

The Green Line is another bus provider for airport transfers from Luton to London. Line 757 runs twice an hour to Victoria Coach Station in central London. On the way, the Green Line bus stops at Brent Cross, Finchley Road, Baker Street and Marble Arch. Free WiFi and USB ports are provided on the buses to charge your smartphones.

The cheapest airport transfer

4. By taxi

With the Taxi from Luton Airport to central London Driving is certainly the most convenient way for airport transfers. If you have many or large suitcases, it is easier to be driven "door to door". The driver can also help you to carry the suitcases into the car and then to the door of the accommodation. However, taking a taxi is not exactly cheap either.

From Luton Airport to a central London destination you have to calculate about 80 pounds. With 4 passengers, however, a taxi is almost cheaper than 4 train tickets. At Taxi Luton you can get a quote and book directly online.

5. With the private shuttle service

Similar to a taxi, you can also get one private airport transfer Book for the airport transfer from Luton to central London. There are several options for private airport transfers from Luton to London, either a shared taxi or a private transfer.

In addition to you, the shared taxi will also take other people with you. This means that in London, too, you will not only stop at your accommodation, but also head to other accommodation and hotels to drop off passengers. A private driver is of course a bit more expensive, but this makes the journey a bit faster and usually you will also be helped with your luggage.

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