What is the etiquette for online dating

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The 6 Most Important Rules of Online Dating Etiquette

When it comes to online dating, too, there are certain rules of behavior that every user should follow if possible. Here you can find out which ones they are!

Small mistakes happen again and again unconsciously, but most portals punish serious misconduct.

You should also keep reminding yourself that you are dealing with “real people” and not with an unfeeling computer.

# 1 Avoid "sifting" when online dating

Rule number one is: Regardless of which portal you choose, addressing another user with "you" is taboo.

When you first contact us, you should of course fall back on the “you”. So address your counterpart by their first name or at least their nickname. That creates a somewhat more familiar atmosphere and the introduction to the conversation is much easier.

By the way: The "Duzen" also applies to older people!

# 2 Stick to the truth

The second rule to keep in mind when dating online is: Be realistic and truthful when describing your surroundings and your ideas. The information in your profile should also be correct.

Your contacts rely on you to tell the truth after all. Even the tiniest whispers will be revealed at some point anyway - and then the trust of your counterpart is likely to be lost.

Besides, you don't want to be lied to either!

The individual portals also take rigorous action against so-called fake profiles. If a contact has discovered fairy tales in your profile, they can report you, which usually results in the immediate deletion of your account.

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# 3 Always be respectful

Have you been annoyed about the news of an online contact and would you like to throw your frustration at him or her right away? It is better to take a deep breath before you reply.

The third rule is: insults and verbal attacks should be absolutely taboo. Maybe you just misunderstood the other person, maybe his or her statement was meant ironically.

You should treat your contacts during online dating with the same respect as a real person at all times, because behind every profile there is a person with feelings.

The same applies, of course, if one of your contacts just "gets on your nerves".

# 4 Be careful with personal information

Whether address, telephone number or exact details of the workplace: Rule number 4 is that you should be very careful with your personal data.

Such or similar information does not belong in the public profile. You should only reveal your mobile phone number or address when you are online dating if you have already got to know the person a little better.

Of course, then nobody can give you a guarantee that your trust will not be used. Therefore, pay attention to your gut feeling.

You are not sure whether the person is trustworthy - then it is better to maintain a certain anonymity for a while.

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# 5 Avoid cynicism or sarcasm

Written messages are often misinterpreted by the recipient. The lack of voice, facial expressions and gestures is responsible for such misunderstandings.

Rule number five is therefore: Avoid cynical, sarcastic or ironic statements in your messages. Even if you put a smiley face behind the text, the recipient may understand the meaning of your message completely differently.

And many a promising contact in online dating ended very abruptly because of such misunderstandings!

Even so, of course, you don't have to go without a dash of humor. Just make sure that the punch line is really understood as intended.

# 6 Pay attention to spelling and grammar

Of course, you don't have to have studied German to write a message to your contact.

Rule number six, however, is: Read through what has been written again before sending, so that you notice any careless mistakes.

A misspelling or two is certainly not a bad thing, but if the message is teeming with errors, it will cast an unfavorable light on you.

Tip: If you are unsure about spelling and grammar, have your text checked! There are several free correction programs available on the Internet!

Conclusion: behavior also matters when it comes to online dating

If you want to be successful in online dating, there are a few rules you should follow.

Finally, at the other end of the line, there is a person with real feelings and hopes. Show him or her that you respect him / her!

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