What is a hydraulic elevator

Hydraulic elevators for lower heights

When is a hydraulic elevator worthwhile?

In general, hydraulic elevators can be used install in every building. They can be designed as a passenger elevator, freight elevator or car elevator. The maximum recommended head for hydraulic elevators is included 20 to 25 meters. However, it is recommended already for Heights from 18 to 20 meters a Cost use Bill to set up. There are two reasons for this:

  1. In the case of directly operated hydraulic elevators, the Hydraulic cylinder as long as the hydraulic piston be. That means it is always as big as the house or the funding amount. Since the hydraulic cylinder is sunk into the ground, with a delivery height of 25 meters this means that the excavation work must be carried out to this exact depth. Such extensive construction work are not just very laborious, but also expensive.
  2. An indirectly operated hydraulic elevator halves the necessary length of the piston, but even in these cases a cable elevator More efficient from a transport height of 18 meters be.

You can count on these costs

Flat-rate prices for passenger elevators are always difficult to find because one elevator is seldom like the other. The following factors influence the price of your elevator:

  • Delivery head,
  • Payload or nominal load (depending on the number of people to be transported in the maximum case),
  • Performance and speed,
  • Installation and possible conversion costs,
  • Choice of material,
  • Equipment, and
  • Place of use (inside or outside).

You can already do cheap hydraulic elevators from 15,000 euros acquire. If you retrofit an elevator, an external elevator is the cheaper option. Staircase openings are required for indoor elevators, which will be charged extra. Added annually running costs of around 2,000 to 4,000 euros.

Funding opportunities

Plan your elevator as part of a barrier-free renovation, some government funding is available to you. Among other things, the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau offers a low-interest loan. With the KfW loan 159: "Age-appropriate renovation" you receive up to 50,000 per apartment for the installation, retrofitting and removal of an elevator.

If you are planning a disabled lift for a person in need of care, it will take over Care fund up to 4,000 euros the cost. The respective funding level depends on the degree of care.

Apply for funding in good time!
Please note that funding must always be applied for before construction begins and that this must also be approved! Subsequent payment of the grants is not possible.

Find the right elevator company

In any case, it is worthwhile to obtain several offers from specialist lift companies and to compare them with one another. Aroundhome will be happy to help you free and without obligation* up to three offers from elevator companies in your region. Our providers have been checked by us.