The Google search engine slows down

Google is deliberately slowing down YouTube for Microsoft Edge

Some time ago Google “modernized” the YouTube site and implemented a number of functions. At the same time, the search engine giant has slowed the site down for competing browsers, and very likely on purpose.

Google regularly advertises its own Chrome browser on its own pages and services if you control it with Edge, Firefox, Safari or Opera. In addition to the no popup, Google has come up with another, very effective measure for YouTube: Microsoft Edge or Firefox load infinitely long on competing browsers. Google Chrome is not affected, very likely on purpose.

Why is YouTube loading slowly in Microsoft Edge?

With the new YouTube design, Google is using a technology that has long been out of date, namely the Shadow DOM v0 API. Practically all browser manufacturers have already replaced this technology with a new version and thus follow general web standards. Google not. However, it is precisely this outdated version that the company uses for the new YouTube page. This means that YouTube loads up to five times slower on competing browsers than on Chrome.

Google could have continued to offer the old version for Firefox and Edge, but it doesn't. Internet Explorer and other older browser versions see the faster and older YouTube version for compatibility reasons. So Google would have this option, which one does not use. Very likely to harm Firefox and Edge.

Solution: YouTube is loading slowly

Users can revert to the old design in Edge and Firefox by adjusting the website's cookie. You get the old YouTube design again, but a much faster page.

The easiest way to do this is with the Edge extension tampermonkey. Install the extension in Microsoft Edge and then open following pastebin document. Copies the text from the document. Now click on the Tampermonkey icon in the browser bar and select "Create new script "out. Then click on the top leftfileand chooseto saveout. When you call up YouTube, the old page is always loaded and at the usual speed.

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