How do I transmit thoughts through telepathy

Telepathy: How Can I Use the Power of Thought?

Telepathy: This is how thought transfer works

How telepathy works exactly, unfortunately no scientific research results exist yet. This shows that communication, detached from the use of our earthly sense organs, is difficult to grasp.

Nevertheless, there are already some experiments in the field of telepathy in which it should be determined whether telepathy really works. The British author and biologist Rupert Sheldrake carried out several experiments that were supposed to prove the existence of thought transference.

For example, he writes in his book "The seventh sense of animals: Why your cat knows when you are coming home and animals' previously unexplained abilities" of a dog who always seemed to know when his mistress came home. He also describes that the dog's owner did not always come home at the same time and that conditioning was therefore ruled out. So was it telepathy that always lured the dog to the front door at exactly the right time?

In another experiment - this time with people - Sheldrake tried to find out whether people can sense when they are being stared at. Here, the participants had to state whether they felt as if someone was staring into the back of their necks or not. According to Sheldrake, the accuracy of the information was 58 percent. He evaluates this result in his book "The Sense of Being Straed at: And Other Unexplained Powers of Human Minds" as an indication that telepathy could exist.