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FAQ for authors

A central point of the DEAL negotiations with the publishers is the expansion and promotion of Open Access. In this way, the publicly funded research is to be made accessible worldwide and the work of the scientists is to be sustainably supported at the same time. Project DEAL expects through Open Access publications greater visibility, higher citation rates and a greater impact of the research results from German scientific institutions.

The Open Access publication is usually carried out under a Creative Commons license in order to be able to be easily reused and distributed in this way - in compliance with copyright law. A particular concern of Projekt DEAL is that the publications continue to be subjected to the quality assurance processes established in the respective communities (peer review, editorial review, etc.).

After several years of preparation and negotiation time, Projekt DEAL has meanwhile concluded national transformative contracts with Wiley (start in January 2019) and Springer Nature (start in January 2020). The agreements are designed as “all-in”, which means that all articles by members of the more than 700 eligible institutions in Germany appear in the publisher's journals in open access, unless you as the author actively decide against it . This will make your research directly accessible to scientists and the general public worldwide, making it more visible and easier to reuse.

At the same time, the agreements offer the German academic institutions extensive and sustainable access options, so that all participating institutions, regardless of their size and previous subscription volumes, have permanent access to almost the entire journal portfolio of the publishers.

DEAL Wiley contract

Contract term:
2019-2021, optional extension until 2022

Open access publishing in subscription journals:
Her publications in over 1,400 Wiley (hybrid) subscription journals (“Wiley Online Open”), such as Angewandte Chemie, EMBO and Advanced Materials, appear in Open Access. A small number of subscription journals do not yet offer an open access publication option, but they will be transferred to the open access offer of the agreement over the course of the contract period. (Journal title list)

Open Access Publishing in Open Access Gold Journals:
Your publications in around 100 Wiley Open Access journals (e.g. Advanced Science) are covered by the DEAL-Wiley contract, with a 20% discount on the APC list prices.

DEAL Springer Nature contract

Contract term:
2020-2022, optional extension until 2023

Open access publishing in subscription journals:
Her publications in around 1,900 Springer Nature (hybrid) subscription journals (“Open Choice”) appear in Open Access. Please note that the journal Nature and other journals of the Nature brand are not included in the contract, nor are magazines (e.g. Scientific American, Spectrum of Science) and technical journals (e.g. ATZ, MTZ). (Journal title list)

Open Access Publishing in Open Access Gold Journals:
From 1 August 2020, your publications in around 600 Springer Nature Open Access journals will be covered centrally by the contract (e.g. in Scientific Reports, Nature Communications, in Springer Open journals and Nature Partner Journals as well as in the BioMed Central titles). With the exception of Scientific Reports and Nature Communications, a 20% discount is granted on APC list prices. https://www.springernature.com/gp/open-research/journals-books/journals