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Low-carb recipes: 25 fixed ideas for after work

What does low carb actually mean?

“Carb” is the short form for the English word “carbohydrates”, in German “carbohydrates” - so low carb means "Low in carbohydrates". This generic term also includes Combined low-carbohydrate diets and diets, where the focus is on reducing the carbohydrate content of daily food. The goal of this carbohydrate reduction is usually one desired weight reduction or one in general "Healthier" diet.

So how about the carbohydrates?

  • carbohydrates count together with Fats and Proteins (Proteins) to the three main nutrient groups our food.
  • A healthy body is considered to meet its energy needs based on carbohydrates fast energy suppliers instructed - especially during high physical activity.
  • you are the Fuel for muscles and the brain and consist of Sugar moleculesthat join together to form chains of different lengths.
  • Most often you come across carbohydrates in the form of classic ones Table sugar, fruit sugar in fruit as well Strength in flour, bread or potatoes.

Why less carbohydrates?

  • At consequent reduction in carbohydrate intake the body has to Change metabolism. If he can't get his energy from carbohydrates, he has to Fat reserves as an alternative source of energy tap to make a sugar substitute yourself - oh yes, it can actually do that.
  • The so stimulated breakdown of fat deposits should gradually become a steady one Weight reduction to lead. Since the body is very active when it comes to generating energy, especially at night, the process should go through the entire process Carbohydrate avoidance, especially in the evening are additionally reinforced.

So let's go: start your "low-carb evening"!

After-work salads

Lukewarm zucchini chicken salad with basil pesto

Who said that lettuce always has to be cold? No matter who it was, today you can safely ignore this claim and enjoy your lukewarm salad with zucchini, spicy chicken, sun-dried tomatoes and flaked almonds. To the recipe

Fitness Tuna Salad with Apple and Walnuts

Just back from training? The desire to cook big is usually negligible. How good that this simple fitness salad with tuna, apple, walnuts and yoghurt is stirred together in just a few minutes and ready to be plastered. To the recipe

Rocket salad with chickpeas and wild salmon

What's there to giggle after work? There are probably quite a few in this salad bowl. At the sight of crunchy rocket, juicy wild salmon, fruity tomatoes and aromatic olives, you can understand the anticipation of the little peas, right? To the recipe

Halloumi on spinach salad with grilled vegetables

Hello Halloumi! Have you made yourself comfortable on tender baby spinach and crunchy grilled vegetables? Wonderful, but don't make yourself too comfortable there - the knife and fork of all salad fans are already out. To the recipe

Cucumber and avocado salad with mint and feta

Pot, oven and pan? You all stay cold today. All you need for this quick avocado salad is a few fresh ingredients and a knife to chop. Well, depending on your appetite, an extra large salad bowl wouldn't be bad either. To the recipe

For chopping and seasoning

Vegetarian evening

Tomato pesto omelette

Your omelette would also like to go on vacation in Italy. Best of all: you can easily fulfill this wish with the juicy egg dish. Simply cook with sun-dried tomatoes in the pan, then brush with pesto and top with cherry tomatoes and mozzarella. To the recipe

Baked oven feta with herbs

Start the oven - today your feta will be baked! Simply place the spicy sheep's cheese in a small casserole dish on zucchini and cover with tomatoes, olives and plenty of herbs. After 15 minutes in the oven, you don't want to share this feta anymore. To the recipe

Eggplant pizza

Forget about yeast dough. If you want to forego carbohydrates, simply turn eggplant into a pizza base. The round vegetable slices can be coated with tomato sauce without walking or rolling out and baked in the oven with cheese until golden brown. To the recipe

Vegetarian filled mushrooms alla Caprese

Vegetarian, practical, good: Tomatoes, mozzarella and basil are not served as a salad these days, but are neatly fanned out, stuffed into handy mushrooms and briefly baked in the oven. At this sight everyone really likes to become a vegetarian. To the recipe

Eggplant sandwiches with olive feta cream

Hit the grill pan - heat up your aubergine properly, give it a few chic grill marks and stack it with a spicy olive and yoghurt cream to create delicious low-carb sandwiches for which you don't even have to think about bread. To the recipe

Zucchini fries with a parmesan crust

Zucchini are the real all-round talent in low-carb cuisine. Not only do they taste filled with crunchy vegetable noodles with sauce, they also look great on the tray as crispy fries wrapped in parmesan. To the recipe

Quick mushroom omelette with goat cream cheese and spinach

What is the tastiest filling your omelette has ever seen? Simple question, simple answer: baby spinach, avocado, fresh mushrooms and creamy goat cheese. If only all the important questions in life could be answered so deliciously ... To the recipe

Stuffed zucchini with tomato sauce

Filling makes you happy - this zucchini proves it with flying colors. Briefly hollowed out, filled with tomato sauce, baked with mild goat cheese and drizzled with olive oil, it skilfully overshadows other oven-baked vegetables. To the recipe