Come winter tires with rims

Complete wheels: aluminum rims with winter tires

In summer, aluminum rims can be found on almost all newer cars, but every winter, many drivers still choose steel rims. Often this just happens out of habit, because the technology has advanced so far that Winter tires with aluminum rims are a real alternative to steel wheels. Aluminum complete winter wheels primarily score with their chic design, which you can only enjoy if the rims are well cared for. Coarse dirt should be removed from time to time with a damp cloth, while the use of a high-pressure cleaner on the rim is not advisable. Its sharp-edged nozzle can scratch the aluminum rims on direct contact.

On the other hand, road salt and slush are less problematic if you use powder-coated onesAlloy wheels grab for your winter tires. These are more resistant and therefore also suitable for winter. The advantage: They can also be used with summer tires and all-season tires - that saves money on a second set of rims.

Simply put together complete aluminum wheels

Instead of ordering rims and tires individually, a complete bike is a good idea. In ourShop you can combine the rims of your choice with the right winter tires, with products from many different manufacturers available. After entering the make, model and type of your car, first decide on a rim for your car. You can be sure that this is also approved for your vehicle. In the second step, the appropriate winter tire is selected. Of course, you can also order complete alloy wheels with summer tires or all-season tires.

After your order, we mount the winter tires on aluminum rims and balance the complete wheels before they make their way to you or one of our assembly partners, because there you can have the aluminum complete winter wheels attached directly to your vehicle. Of course, we also offer this service for your vehicle for tires, steel rims and other products from our shop.