How do you make tea

Why should you cover tea?

Tap water is completely sufficient, because nowhere in Europe is there such clean tap water as in Germany. Nevertheless, you should ensure that you have well-boiled water to avoid the To ensure quality. This is especially true for:

  • Children and babies,
  • Immunodeficiency,
  • elderly people
  • and pregnant women.

Are you ever out and about and do you want to prepare tea for your baby? It is often not easy without a thermometer, so you can also find ready-boiled water in drugstores. You can briefly boil the water. The tea you should this time too cover well. So no germs, bacteria or grains of dust get in from the outside. The tea you should let it steep according to the package label. We at MEIN GENUSS know exactly how long a tea should brew. The brewing time changes color, smell and taste. If you let the tea steep longer, more can go Tanning agents and dyes to solve. The result is now more intense and the effect can increase or decrease. Find out for yourself which brewing time is best for you. Usually pull teas between three and eight minutes. It depends on the type of tea. A Black tea doesn't take as long to pull as a Fruit tea.