How deep will cryptos go

Bitcoin disaster: it can go that deep

Bitcoin is in free fall right now. After the world's largest crypto currency suffered heavy losses last week, the coin is now up to 30 percent in the red. This has clouded the chart image enormously. Investors now have to be prepared for this with Bitcoin.

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Book tip: The crypto decade

Bitcoin was invented in 2008. A decade later, cryptocurrencies have made millionaires and are said to have the potential to change the world. We regularly encounter keywords such as Bitcoin, IOTA or blockchain in the media. In his book, Bitcoin star investor Robert Küfner looks back on the first ten years of digital currencies. Peppered with anecdotes from the world of cryptos, it lets the reader participate in an incredible development and shows what upheavals can be expected in the realm of Bitcoin and Co in the near future.

Authors: Küfner, Robert A.
Number of pages: 208
Release date: 20.09.2018
Format: Soft cover
ISBN: 978-3-86470-600-4