How does a festival affect our livelihood?

"Solidarity for Music"

How are you?

Good so far, thanks! :) However, I could also take Martha Argerich's answer: "I don't know ..."

How do you spend your time right now?

I practice a lot, optimize my posture, go out into nature. Also very sporadically with a project, with planning for the future, with maintaining contacts with friends.

What are the current perspectives of an orchestra musician? Do you dive into it with other musicians?

Yes, I have an exchange with my colleagues. Most of them don't gamble any more than I do, unless they have a job that works on a short-time basis. Unfortunately, the prospects for freelance orchestral musicians are not very promising at the moment. Projects are either canceled or postponed, or the inquiries do not even come. I mainly organize in the area of ​​chamber music, as this seems to be the only way to be able to get something small off the ground at short notice. I am currently in the process of founding a new piano trio with a colleague who, like me, studied in America.

Do we need more actions like #SolidarityForMusic, which raise awareness of the importance of culture (and especially music)?

I think so. That would be very supportive and important for us cultural workers. It seems to me that the urgency of our situation has not (yet) been properly recognized by the general population and especially by the government (s). Many still do not seem to realize that culture, for example as a musician, is a profession and one can earn a living with it.

What framework conditions would have to be created so that a (safe) cultural life is possible again for musicians and visitors?

There are already sophisticated protection concepts that reduce the risk of infection to a minimum! To be honest, I am not aware of any hotspot / cluster from a concert! Perspectives and planning security are needed without having to fear that events will be canceled or banned again so that new concerts can be organized and carried out with enthusiasm. Basically everything should be possible again as before. I don't see any major problems with the appropriate protection concepts!

What are you looking forward to in the coming year?

Well, to a better year than 2020! ;)

Otherwise: to the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA, to many concerts anyway, on trips, on normalcy, on friends and people and the exchange with them. I know this is dreamy, but I remain optimistic!

And: to New York! I am eagerly waiting for it to be possible to travel again without restrictions so that I can visit my friends there again soon.

What will the first concert with the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA feel like in summer 2021?

Heavenly!!!!! :)

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