Does the rent qualify for moving costs

Amount of subsistence benefits

requirements for accommodation and heating

Insofar as the costs for accommodation and heating do not exceed reasonable amounts, the actual costs will be taken into account. The appropriateness results from the number of people in the household, the size of the apartment as well as the rental price per square meter and the type of heating.

The appropriateness limits are set by the city of Münster on the basis of the qualified rent index, the operating cost index and the heating cost index. The appropriateness limit is given in the form of a gross rent excluding heating (rent excluding heating and hot water).

Since September 1, 2019, the following values ​​apply to the Münster city area:

Number of people in the householdTotal amount of reasonable rent excluding charges plus reasonable ancillary costs
1492.50 euros
2603.85 euros
3723.20 euros
4864.50 euros
51,019.70 euros
61,197.50 euros
71,360.80 euros
from 8Decision on a case-by-case basis

This information does not replace the specific examination of the individual case. When deciding on a case-by-case basis, the price per m² is also a decisive criterion. Therefore, please also note the information on the subject of “moving”.

The appropriate heating costs are calculated according to the type of heating and the size of the apartment, so that no figures can be made in advance and the appropriateness must be checked on a case-by-case basis.

Exceeding the reasonable rent

If you live in an unreasonably expensive apartment, the real cost can be paid first. At the same time, however, you are obliged to reduce your costs to the appropriate rent by moving house or sublet.

You must comply with this obligation within a period that will be determined taking into account your personal situation. If you do not succeed in reducing the rental costs within the set deadline, despite a comprehensive search for an apartment and subtenant, the deadline can be extended.

You must prove your efforts with suitable evidence:

  • You can apply for a housing eligibility certificate at the Housing Office.
  • In addition, they are obliged to regularly apply for suitable housing offers in the daily newspapers and city papers and to keep traceable records or to collect receipts.
  • You can prove that you intend to sublet the property with your own advertisements (e.g. in advertising papers, the Internet). You can prove a sublease with the sublease agreement and the written confirmation of the landlord that he is aware of the sublease.

After the deadline, only the appropriate amount can be taken over.
Rent debts for an apartment with unreasonable costs will not be assumed - in this case you risk losing the apartment through notice of termination or eviction.

An important note on the subject of "moving"

If you want to move, it is imperative that you coordinate the move with the job center before signing the new rental agreement. The processing department needs a non-binding rental offer for the desired apartment for assessment. It should contain the following information:

  • Size of the apartment in m²
  • number of rooms
  • Basic rent amount
  • Amount of advance payments for ancillary costs (and any heating costs)
  • Type of heating (gas, oil, night storage, district heating ...)
  • if applicable, the amount of a deposit to be paid

If you want to claim additional relocation costs, you are also obliged to obtain the consent of the job center to relocate. This is only possible if the move you want to move is necessary (for example, if a larger apartment is required if the family is growing) and the costs of the new accommodation are reasonable. If a move takes place without prior agreement, the assumption of additional costs (e.g. deposit) and the recognition of a possibly higher rent can be refused.

Relocation to Münster

If you move to Münster from another city or municipality, it is necessary to obtain a guarantee for future expenses in Münster. Therefore, before you sign a contract for a new apartment, contact the Münster Job Center. This is the only way to obtain legal certainty about the reasonableness of the accommodation costs.

Special features for young people under 25 years of age

A young person can only move into their own apartment in justified exceptional cases after consultation with the benefit processing department and, if necessary, consultation with the communal social service.