Eye contact means love

Eye contact

A Eye contact can take place during a conversation, but also without verbal communication. During a conversation, we consciously look into the eyes of the other person and try to establish eye contact in order to establish a connection and to secure the trust and interest of the other. But eye contact is also a wonderful way to initiate or intensify a flirtation. Eye contact can mean more than a hundred words.

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The mirror of the soul

Our eyes are also called "Mirror of the soul" When we make eye contact, we look into the soul of our counterpart - at least according to the saying. After all, we use our eyes not only to see something, but also to communicate with others through eye contact. More than 65% of communication takes place through eye contact, i.e. through the eyes and not through the mouth. A person's eyes sometimes reveal more than a spoken word. A lot can be "said" through the eyes without actually having to say it. We recognize sadness, hope, love, hate, fear and almost every other kind of feeling alone when we look someone in the eyes and make eye contact with another person. Often the eyes also say something about them relationship to each other. In summary, they reflect a person's inner feelings. Eye contact is therefore important in all interpersonal communication and we probably make it more often than we ourselves are aware.

Flirt through eye contact

Eye contact plays a particularly important role when flirting. After all, the first contact with another person always goes through the eyes. The first attempt at flirting occurs through eye contact in the first few seconds of getting to know each other. Does the other avoid my gaze or does he hold up? The only thing that matters is the length of time we can "observe" another person. Who will avoid looking first? We can keep eye contact longer with people we know and like than with people who are less sympathetic and unknown. Shy people, on the other hand, avoid intensive eye contact by others more quickly because this triggers nervousness and discomfort in them.

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Different eye contacts

There are different types of eye contact when flirting:

  • The wink is a familiar one Turn on and should signal interest in the other.
  • Staring at someone, on the other hand, is not only bad in the flirting world. As soon as eye contact exceeds 3.3 seconds, we no longer perceive it as pleasant. Because we feel attacked, if not threatened, by staring eye contact. In such a situation you can try to avoid your gaze or you can combat stare with stare.
  • A skillful one Look is also a popular introduction to flirting. But not only eye contact, but also body language can help with flirting.
  • The Eyes send signalsthat many men and women would not pronounce. For example, the so-called "triangular view". Here you look alternately into the eyes and at the mouth or lips, so that our line of sight forms a triangle in the face of the other.
  • At a intense eye contact or looking at someone we like, our pupils widen automatically.

Make eye contact when dating online

In an online dating site, however, eye contact is not that easy. The Eye contact takes place rather one-sided, because when you visit the profile of another single, actually only you make eye contact at that moment and that with the respective profile picture. Nevertheless, you can already see a lot from the other person's gaze on his / her photo if you take a closer look. Sometimes a photo can already tell whether it is a melancholy person, a very communicative person or someone who is more introverted. Whether you have correctly assessed the person in the photo can often be seen when you first make contact, but you can only be sure when you actually face each other personally.

Conclusion eye contact

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