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Haunting song about abuse on International Children's Day
Kim Sanders deals with the trauma of her childhood with her new song

20.11.2017 – 09:00

German Children's Association

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Short scenes of children in nature, black and white. The sun is shining, but the idyll is deceptive, nothing is right. The singer Kim Sanders deals with the trauma of her childhood with her song "Father": she was physically abused by her stepfather. "My stepfather was a very mean, cold and scary man. His presence alone caused horror, his punishments were inhuman," she says. The emotional wounds followed Sanders with school problems, depression, anorexia and years of therapy into adulthood.

Director Guntram Krasting, cameraman Martin Neumeyer and the production team from SIRENSROCK (Hamburg) have now succeeded in capturing the song in intense images. "Kim Sander's song 'Father' is a strong and honest accusation. She speaks directly to her father, whose violence she suffered as a child," says Krasting. "I have great respect and admiration for Kim Sanders' courage to make her personal fate public."

Guntram Krasting vividly captures the accusation in the takes with Kim Sanders; he dispenses with drastic scenes in favor of subtle, emotional imagery. He wants to make an impact, not looking away in shock. "I really hope that Kim's song and video will reach a lot of people and help attract public attention and overdue action in politics," says the director.

Kim Sanders is an ambassador for the German Children's Association (www.deutscher-kinderverein.de) for children's rights and against child abuse. She donates the income from the sale of the song to the association. You can download "Father", incidentally also as an unplugged version, from iTunes and Amazon. "I am very grateful to Kim that she made her sad past public with the song and thus raised a voice for all children and clearly formulated her charges against child abuse. This song is another step that supports our work so that fewer and fewer children suffer . I am grateful to everyone who supported this very important message, but above all to the children who stand for these fates in the film - for the broken and betrayed life. I hope that this visual and acoustic appeal has a lasting effect and for this one raised awareness of such an important topic, "said Rainer Rettinger, managing director of the German Children's Association.

Music video "Father" by Kim Sanders at https://youtu.be/ACkHb2TZEWs

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