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The secret to the success of a happy marriage

"Marriage is mutual deprivation of liberty by mutual agreement," said Oscar Wilde (1854-1900). The Irish writer, who led a dissolute life and, as a married family man, could not keep his hands off his male contemporaries, might have been right in many cases. However, there are also married couples on this globe who lead a permanently happy and harmonious life together. But what do such couples do differently, what is their recipe for success?

Happy marriages promote health

According to the latest reports from the United States, a happy marriage has a positive effect on blood pressure, whereas unhappy marriages cause poor blood pressure values. But how do you get into the exhilarating state of being part of a harmonious marriage?

US psychologists recently suggested that the attractiveness of couples was directly related to satisfaction in a marriage. The male partner should not be more attractive than the female part in a relationship. Only then are both partners happy. However, this fact alone will probably not be the only factor for a consistently functioning partnership. The content of a partnership seems to be much more important.

What is detrimental to a good marriage - avoiding marital problems and crises

"Love, what a lovely haze! But there is art in marriage", once again proclaimed the writer Theodor Storm (1817-1888), who has been married several times but has also been illegally linked in the meantime. However, it is no art to avoid factors that are clearly detrimental to a harmonious marriage, such as mutual distrust, pathological ones jealousy but also a lack of respect for one another. If there is also a lack of regular conversations and mutual interest in the other, the initial infatuation, which ideally should turn into love, will soon be dead. The partner's desire to change can also be counted as another behavior damaging to marriage. If one rides on little things all the time, love will soon be lost. There is not even a trace of a long-lasting, harmonious relationship!

What is important in a happy marriage

A happy couple is in emotional equilibrium. The partnership gives both of them a certain constant satisfaction. Men and women balance each other out, complement each other, exchange ideas, and broaden their mutual horizons. Both feel comfortable in their role. If a partner does not do it, an imbalance arises that endangers harmony. and marital problems and crises are inevitable. Mutual respect accompanies the couple throughout their lives, differences of opinion are dealt with fairly and resolved to the satisfaction of both. In a harmonious relationship, everyone remains a bit of a mystery and surprise for the other, so love is kept fresh and sex does not mutate into a boring must. With a healthy base and enough self-confidence on the part of the partners in themselves, trust in one another will also be strong. The common, similar humor, the ability to laugh about the same things with one another is also very important. After all, the poet Eduard Mörike (1804-1875) already said: "If you don't have a sense of humor, you shouldn't get married."

Many people only suspect when they are already married which type of person suits them perfectly. For most of them, unfortunately, it is often too late to start over - at least that's what they believe - and some stay in an unhappy marriage to the bitter end. Good advice is usually expensive here: because the younger you are when you get to know each other, the less demands you place on your partner in terms of content. The mental and character deficits often reveal themselves too late. You are lucky if you meet a soul mate straight away.
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