Is Fiji water different

Fiji Water - Marketing Scam or Beauty Elixir?

The bottle is compact, surprisingly made of not very glamorous plastic and ... still mineral water sloshes in it.
Nevertheless, politicians and celebrities are ready to spend a lot of money on it. Because when you unscrew the cap from the bottle you will be the first person to bring this water from the Yaqara Valley into contact with the environment of the 21st century. A special filling system ensures that “Fiji Water” bubbles directly from the shallows of the jungle floor into the bottles and arrives there without contact with the outside world in the original state in which it has rested in the mineral volcanic rock for centuries.

A sip of Fiji, if you’re sorry
The noble water from the island of Viti Levu splits into two camps. On the one hand there are trendsetters who swear by taste, health bonuses and perhaps also the glamorous image of Fiji water.
On the other hand, there are skeptics and environmentalists who accuse Lynda Resnick, who has owned the company together with her husband since 2004, of window dressing and plastic garbage orgies including the exploitation of nature. The late sixties is actually a luminary when it comes to successful marketing strategies. The almost wrinkle-free mid-sixties sells pomegranate juice as an in-drink “POM Wonderful” or spring water as “Fiji Water”. Their ability to create unexpected needs in consumers is certainly part of their success. And also part of the “Fiji Water” secret. Regardless of whether you drink it for taste, health or image reasons - the spring water is a piece of Fiji that, sip by sip, quenches the wistful thirst for the magical South Seas.