We can and yet use it together

Unfortunately, we see our cherished personal conversations in jeopardy, and we are not innocent of ourselves. Because we now do a large part of our communication, because it’s so nice and convenient and because everyone’s doing it, by email. Sometimes even when the person you are writing to is sitting next door in the same room. Embarrassing but true. We hereby promise improvement and would like to talk face to face or at least over the phone whenever possible.

Aside from our personal preferences, there are good and professional reasons for this. Above all, you can learn interesting things from your counterpart in direct conversation on several levels. For example, the facial expression provides valuable additional information that can put what has been said in a completely new context. And when talking on the phone, there is still the other party's voice, which creates a feeling of closeness and can reveal a lot of unsaid things through the accentuation.

That's why we also think, by the way, that company customer service can only be automated up to a certain point with voice robots. The emotional connection plays an important role in customer loyalty and only good service with understanding people who care turns customers into real fans of a brand.

Some progress fanatics may find this old-fashioned. However, we firmly believe that the most direct and humane address is still the best. We can also delve deeper into the topic in person over a real cup of coffee.