What are read confirmations supposed to do

Use read receipts for messages in Teams

Enable or disable read receipt

Do you want to make sure that people have read or seen the messages you sent? Use read receipts. When recipients have read your text, a confirmation will appear next to the message Seen displayed. Otherwise, you will just see a confirmation that your message has been sent .

Note: By default, read receipts are enabled for all users. Your administrator will decide whether you can turn this setting off.

To view or change this option, select your profile picture at the top of the app, then choose Settings > Generally out. There you can Read receipts activate or deactivate.

Note: When you switch to another organization on your phone, you can turn read receipts on or off for that organization.

See who has read your message in a group chat

The option Read by shows who has seen your message in a group chat with up to 20 people.

To see who has read your message, go to the message in a group chat, and select More > Read by out. Anyone with a read receipt will appear on the list.