How do you congratulate someone in Czech?

Translation of "congratulate someone" in English

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Do you want to congratulate someone? Then wish him or her 'fan herte lokwinske'.
If you congratulate someone have to, then my wife!
First of all, leave me alone congratulate someone
To congratulate! Asuka wondered if she was too congratulate someone who has stepped into a bear trap.

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Certainly this is the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to someone for birthday too to congratulate.
Surely this is the easiest, fastest and most cost effective way to congratulate someone on their birthday.
I came to someone for birthday too to congratulate.
Oh is that bad someone to his divorce too to congratulate?
If the Bulgarians someone for a wedding, birthday, professional success or any other occasion to congratulate, they say: "Be alive and well!"
When the Bulgarians are congratulating somebody, no matter whether for a birthday, wedding, graduation or professional achievement, they say: "Be alive and healthy".
It is ideal as a "get well soon" gift to someone too good news too to congratulate or simply as a pleasant surprise for someone you know needs a nudge to smile!
Ideal as a "Get Well" present, a way of congratulating someone on some good news or simply a pleasant surprise for anyone you know who could use some inspiration for smiling!
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