Dollar coins are still accepted

US dollars for the trip - things to consider

How much US dollar cash should you equip yourself with to travel to the United States? The ReiseBank cash experts advise: You should expect at least US $ 20 per person per travel day. A trip in a motorhome or rental car across the United States on Route 66 quickly accumulates a high three-digit amount of “greenbacks” (the slang term for the green notes).

Despite credit cards - only cash counts

Of course, the USA is the country of credit cards. But in addition to plastic money, there is a lot of need for solid US dollar bills: be it for the obligatory tip, quick shopping in the store or the yellow cab, the taxi. Whether at the toll booths on the freeway or for entry to some public buildings - here the US dollar is often and still the only payment alternative.

And of course you should change a large part of the requirement in US dollars before leaving. You can do this conventionally at an office at the airport or in our travel money webshop.

Attention: risk of confusion

Since the US dollar bills all have the same format and - at least as far as the older bills are concerned - the same black and green colors, the risk of confusion is of course high. The traveler should therefore look carefully at the numbers on the notes that he is fishing out of his wallet.

At the same time, travelers to the USA need not worry about whether the US dollars that their grandmother saved are still valid. All US dollar notes issued since 1861 are valid to this day.

Since the US dollar is also recognized as a means of payment in countries with so-called “soft currencies”, it is of course very susceptible to forgery. It is therefore advisable to only carry notes up to US $ 20 with you if possible, as many retailers or restaurant owners are reluctant to accept larger notes.

Coins are also in demand in the USA

The ReiseBank service staff will also be happy to hand over coins on request - which the tourist can use for the luggage trolley at the destination. Many machines (for example in the telephone booth) also want to be fed with quarters, for example - a quarter of a US dollar (25 cents).

Service often not included in the price - tips

When it comes to tips in the USA, however, you usually don't get any further with coins - you definitely have to pay more. After all, many service providers - be it the waiter or the taxi driver - simply live on tips and that is what the (passenger) guest has to take over. 10 to 20 percent of the price is recommended as a tip and that is of course only possible with banknotes, i.e. real US dollars.

If you get the bag brought to your car in the supermarket, you have to pay one to two US dollars, in a taxi you usually give 15 percent of the fare, but at least two to three US dollars. The maid is given the tip (one US dollar per day) on the pillow or in a labeled envelope. And what about the service in the restaurant? USA pros say: 15 to 20 percent of the pre-tax invoice amount (pre-tax check) is absolutely standard.

Exchange US dollars online

US dollars and other currencies (sorts) can be conveniently bought in the ReiseBank AG online shop. Simply select the desired variety in the "Travel Money" section and order it online. The travel money will then be conveniently delivered to your home within a few days. You can buy US dollars online here.