How big is Qatar

Qatar at a glance : As big as Hessen

The state lies on a peninsula in the Persian Gulf about the size of Hesse. The population grew by around six percent in each of the past years to the current level 1.9 million inhabitants. For comparison: In 1989, the year of the fall of the Wall, there were 2.1 million people living in West Berlin. Just twelve percent of the residents are Qatar. The Islam (in Orthodox-Sunni-Wahhabi style) is the state religion. Other religions are mostly tolerated; women are not required to wear a headscarf. Women are also present in the business world. Qatar is one monarchy with a "consultative assembly". There is also an elected, central one Local parliamentBut not parties or unions. On the Anti-corruption index by Transparency, the country ranks 27th out of 174 (Germany: 13th). Enjoy too InvestorsProvided that they are dutifully involved with local partners, extensive legal certainty. There are tensions with the big neighbors Saudi Arabia and IranBut Qatar avoids any escalation. The emir has that United States but allowed to maintain their largest air force base in the Gulf region in Qatar. kph

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