Where are the UAE

United Arab Emirates

In the UAE, around nine million people live on an area of ​​almost 77,000 square kilometers, around three quarters of them in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Emiratis form the minority: 85 percent of the population are foreigners.

Thanks to rich oil and gas reserves, the UAE has meanwhile become one of the financially strongest countries in the world. So that future economic success does not only depend on the oil and gas reserves, other sectors are consistently developed, for example trade and services. The success of this broader economic setup is evident from the steadily increasing overall economic growth figures.

GIZ's priorities in the UAE are:

  • education
  • water
  • Infrastructure and environment

In the past, GIZ has advised the UAE government primarily on education, in order to modernize the national labor market and create the basis for long-term economic success. After all, diverse qualified people are needed to broaden the UAE economy. There have already been numerous projects focusing on water and wastewater as well as environmental and infrastructure. The main clients are the respective local ministries and other state institutions. Financier, client and recipient of the services are usually identical.