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Low water pressure: The internet scoffs at Kylie Jenner's shower


People are amused right now that Kylie Jenner lives in a $ 35 million mansion and still has pretty weak water pressure.

  • Kylie Jenner's luxury property in Los Angeles is worth the equivalent of around CHF 31 million.

  • That's why people on Twitter find it all the more amusing that the water jet in their shower is totally weak.

  • Here are the best Reacts.

Reality TV star Kylie Jenner (23) took her 210 million followers * in her Instagram story on a tour of her mansion in Los Angeles - and thus attracted the mockery of the Internet. Because the 35 million dollar villa seems to have a shortcoming: the water pressure in one of the luxury bathrooms is noticeably low.

People online noticed this when the beauty entrepreneur posted a short video clip of her giant pink marble shower in her story. This also applies to this Twitter user, whose tweet was liked 1.5 million times:

This is what Kylie's shower looks like in the eyes of this Twitter user:

"My tears have more pressure than Kylie Jenner's shower," jokes this user.

This tweet also criticizes the size of the shower head.

However, there are also some Twitter users who don't understand the uproar. Low water pressure is common in California due to the drought. In several comments under a tweet it is also pointed out that the pressure is adjustable.

Still others don't even perceive the beam as weak. "That's stronger than the water pressure at home," tweeted this person.

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