How should I name my HRIS

What should my beer be called?

New beer names are constantly being discussed on social media, with names like Pentruble Raspbery Ale or a Mojo New England India Pale Ale. Some sound childlike, like a Vanilla Milkshake IPA or some just sound repulsive, like an Oyster Stout for some. It also all depends on how you honor a work of art. Regardless of what you call your beer, finding a name is a difficult process. Finding a unique name for a beer that is not necessarily a XXX IPA is usually difficult. Ryan Brawn from Hoppy Boston took on the task of coming up with a name, and we found the article so interesting that we had to write about it.

Being a chemist himself, he invented some cool chemical titles for beers. For example, an oxygen, an IPA, in which the drinker feels that the dose of hops is just as important as the air to breathe. Or a zwitteron, the name of a molecule that is more reminiscent of a barley wine or a hoppy amber. Since Ryan is a big music fan, he came up with names like a whole IPA series that could be called “Thoughts arrive like butterflies” or “Paintings of Rebellion”, political issues related to beer. Of 18 possible names, he found only 2 super suitable and would also use them for his beers.

So it's time to get creative and just see what interests you and what you're passionate about. When it comes to finding a name, it is more or less the passion with which you associate a name. It becomes difficult with a group, like ours, of 5 people. You have to find something that everyone can commit to. Chris is interested in music, but more in soul and funk, while dAndy listens to all kinds of music. Thomas is interested in wine and Max is more of the technical type, but not like Phil in the IT direction, but a little more playful. Chris would definitely name his beer more like a work of art or a title. Because beer is art and should be honored.

He would proceed in such a way that he would first write down the music titles that he liked and then look for sentences or words with which he identified himself from these songs. For example, you can use Stevie Wonder for fingertips with the song. He likes the line “Clap your hands just a little bit louder”, which happens in the intermediate part and is intended to encourage the audience to join in. Participation and incentive are two factors that could go well with an IPA. Hop-accentuated, tingling, refreshing, but not too bitter. The finish should convince more than the initial taste. So you can call this IPA Clap it louder or IPA drink it louder. This suggests to the drinker that something will definitely happen here while drinking. If the promise is kept, the perfect package is put together. Add to that a cool artwork and the top seller is ready. Or what do you mean?