What is the use of concealer

Concealer: application, tips & tricks

What woman doesn't want him, a flawless onecomplexion. Unfortunately, it is only granted to a few. Blemishes, red spots or small wrinkles make the skin look unattractive, not to mention dark circles under the eyes. Fortunately, the cosmetics industry has chosen to do this Concealer thought up. It comes in all shapes and colors. From creams to powder Everything is included, including make-up sticks. There is also the popular one Masking cream in the colors beige, blue, green and purple. Each color is suitable for a different problem area. Sounds complicated? But it is actually not at all. We explain step by step how to use and apply concealer correctly.

Concealer: color palette for beauty

Concealers come in a wide variety of colors. Which volume Here we reveal which problem you can use:

  • Beige or skin color: Beige concealer is mainly usedDark circles, Age andPigment spots a.
  • Yellowish concealer: If you want to hide blue veins on the eye, you should opt for a concealer with a yellowish beige tone, since yellow, as a complementary color to blue, swallows the bluish shimmer.
  • Green concealer: This is particularly suitable for covering red spots, broken veins or pimples. The green takes away the intensity of the red areas of the skin and makes imperfections paler.
  • Bluish or purple concealer: If your complexion is inherently a little too rosy, you can use a bluish concealer. For pale skin, a purple color is recommended, which makes the complexion look more lively.

But be careful: if you don't have a Make up If you want to wear over the concealer, you should generally not use a "colored" concealer, as this would remain visible. In this case, always choose a skin-colored concealer.

Applying concealer: you have to pay attention to that

In the case of dark circles under the eyes, you should first apply a light cream to smooth the area of ​​the skin. Let it soak in briefly before continuing with the masking cream. Then you wear the concealer with your finger or one brush from the inner corner of the eye outwards - preferably in the form of a Triangle. An even complexion is created if you dab the concealer into the skin with your ring or index finger. Pat the concealer in until it bonds well to your skin.

Set highlights with the concealer

Concealers are not only suitable for covering, but also for the optical brightening of certain Parts of the face. There are special masking creams with reflective particles, so-calledHighlighter. You can make your nose appear narrower by applying this concealer on the bridge of your nose and next to your nostrils.

For one that is radiant and awake Look you should put the highlighter on your bare eyelid to under thebrow apply and gently smudge. Here it is important that the highlighter is applied over the make-up, otherwise the gloss effect is lost.

If you have your mouth want to appear fuller, you can highlight the dark interior of your lips. Or just emphasize the arm arch - the middle and usually widest part of the upper lip - and the middle part of the lower lip.

Purchase and cost of a concealer

You can use concealer in everyone Drugstore or buy perfumery. Before you go shopping, however, you should think about what the make-up stick should be used for, as different concealer consistencies are offered depending on the application: Powdery concealers are not suitable, for example, when it comes to concealing wrinkles goes. Powder collects in the folds and makes them stand out even more. Creamy and highly covering masking products help against dark circles. If in doubt, you can simply seek advice.

In general, when buying, you should make sure that you always use the concealer nuance brighter than your own Skin tone choose. You can either test whether the color of the concealer suits you on your arm or you can have your make-up done in a perfumery with the desired product and see the result in daylight. Cheap concealers are available from 2 euros. However, you should keep in mind that the more expensive products in Testing usually do better than the very cheap ones.