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What to look for when choosing an online guitar course!

December 4, 2020

The best online guitar courses in 2021 compared

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In my last article I asked the question whether it still makes sense to go to a music school in a digitized world. I had pointed out the advantages and disadvantages and considered the idea of ​​simply participating in an onlineTake a guitar course. You know yourself best of all. Therefore, only you can judge whether it is possible to exercise the necessary self-discipline to learn an instrument of your choice. If not, you will also find a music school that suits you here. Will alone is not enough. Continuity and perseverance, patience and consistency are necessary to achieve the corresponding success. You don't want to be contractually bound to a music school and appear regularly on site? Then look at yourself critically. If you have the character traits just mentioned, this article is just right for you. Here I present my top 5 favorites from the best online portals so that you can teach yourself to play the guitar.

You should be aware of this when taking an online guitar course

Self-study involves a certain risk. Therefore, if possible, have a professional teach you the elementary skills, such as right posture, standing and first finger exercises. The choice depends on your own decision. The important thing is to reach out to someone you instinctively trust. If you feel uncomfortable the first time you meet, find the courage to say goodbye after the first lesson. There is no objection to this, because the chemistry is not always right. Pay attention to your intuition and trust it. The freer you feel while in the rehearsal room, the more successful you will be. This in turn benefits your teacher as well.

A few first lessons with an expert are an indispensable prerequisite for a subsequent online study. This will prevent stubborn mistakes from creeping in that will bother you later. You can compare the human brain to the hard drive of a computer. It stores everything without evaluating whether the information is correct or incorrect.

Preparation for your online guitar course

You can not teach old dogs new tricks. At least that's mostly the case, due to professional life and the many obligations that an adult has. So the sooner you learn something, the better. “Where there's a will, there's a way” - this motto always applies! What makes you learn guitar? What are your motives? Which vision controls you? First of all, clarify these questions. If your motives are right and you are aware of your goal, you are able to do without a lot, regardless of whether your actions and efforts are understandable to others. The more thoroughly you answer all of these questions at the beginning, the more realistic your path will be. Nobody really cares how you learned your instrument. You have mastered it, are able to conquer the hearts of your fans with your stage performance and have acquired the necessary skill for it - this fact counts!

Differences between online guitar courses at a glance

 music2meguitarschool.atGuitar InstituteMy Dear Instruments
more instrumentspianoNoNobass
subscriptionoptionalNo subscriptionNo subscriptionoptional
Test accountYesYesNoYes
scope138 video lessons65 video lessons25 video lessonsvery extensive
Pricesfrom € 10.00 / month69.00 € one-time59.00 € one-time€ 18.99 / month
To classto classto classto classto class

The most important information about music2me at a glance

One of the most popular platforms is music2me, as it gives very high quality information about learning to play the guitar and you are well served here from beginners to professional players. You won't get any free tutorial videos here, but short teasers that should show you how the individual sessions work. The site is clearly laid out and you have several teachers at your disposal. This service is only offered by music2me and can be very useful. You also have the option of receiving piano lessons online here.

The offer from music2me

The offer from music2me is communicated very clearly on their website. After your registration you will get immediate access to all previous 139 videos and you can start right away. You pay € 15.00 per month. If you choose a longer term, you can save up to 33%. I can only report positive things about this offer and would recommend it to everyone to get an idea of ​​the portal for themselves. You can start anytime.

Web view of an exercise from music2me

Here you will find my assessment of music2me, which should give you a first quick overview.

Overview / structurex
User friendlyx
Song scopex
Customer servicex
4 = very good, 3 = good, 2 = satisfactory, 1 = expandable

Did music2me convince you?

Find out if music2me suits you and get more information. Click here to go to the music2me website.

The most important information about guitar video lessons at a glance

Guitar video lessons are a learning platform for guitar from Christian Konrad, whom many will probably already know about playing guitar from his YouTube videos. The guitar video lessons are suitable for anyone who would like to delve deeper into the subject and, for example, would like to deal with a very specific topic! There are a total of six courses: song accompaniment for beginners, playing guitar according to notes, pentatonic workshop, jazz chords for guitar, finger fitness and church keys.

Overall, the learning platform is very clear and you will receive a good description of the content of the individual courses in advance. All courses are structured in such a way that you work your way through video lessons that build on each other, come with extensive exercise material and are often supplemented by a humorous PDF course book.

All guitar video lessons at a glance

The offer of guitar video lessons

The special thing about Christian's guitar courses is the specialization of the individual topics, which do not exist in this way. The six courses of guitar video lessons differ mainly in which player level they are suitable for and what goals you have on the guitar. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional, there is something for everyone in guitar video lessons. The nice thing is that as soon as you pay once, you have lifelong access to the material and personal support from Christian Konrad is always included. In the following you will get a quick insight into the requirements, learning content and costs of the individual courses:

Course 1: Song accompaniment for beginners

This course of guitar video lessons should begin when you are just getting started with playing guitar. In this comprehensive course, you will learn all the important basics within 12 months for a total of € 219.90. A bargain compared to a year of classroom teaching. Over 52 weeks you will receive videos and practice material that will support you on your way to becoming a guitarist.

Straight to the course: This way
My test report: This way


Course 2: Playing the guitar according to notes

If you're a bit advanced but only play chords until now, check out the How to Play Guitar by Sheet Music course. This course is, so to speak, the bridge that introduces a good guitar player into the professional field. For € 54.90 you get access to a 10-week course with videos and a detailed theory handbook, which will slowly transform you from a normal guitarist into a music-reading professional.

Straight to the course: This way
My test report: This way


Course 3: Pentatonic workshop

Christian Konrad's pentatonic workshop is available for € 54.90. With the help of 15 video lessons and 80 exercises, you will learn how to master the pentatonic scale and ultimately how to use it for your solo improvisations. This workshop may be your ticket to the rock star stage.

Straight to the course: This way
My test report: This way


Course 4: Jazz chords for guitar

In addition to the videos and the humorous and informative e-book on jazz chords, Christian Konrad's Jazz Chords for Guitar course contains many exciting extras. For € 54.90 you can learn everything you need to know about playing the jazz guitar, from stumbling blocks to the unimagined possibilities of this musical genre.

Straight to the course: This way
My test report: This way


Course 5: Finger fitness

Do you find it difficult to slide your fingers effortlessly over the fingerboard or to pluck nicely? Then the finger fitness course for € 54.90 could be right for you. Here you will find 50 of the best guitar exercises that will help you strengthen your two hands and improve your coordination.

Straight to the course: This way
My test report: This way


Course 6: Church modes

Church modes are not as dusty as the name sounds, and Christian Konrad's course proves that. Church modes include a fascinating scale system with seven different modes, which you as an advanced rock-pop musician can use for improvisation, solos and songwriting. You can purchase the course for € 79.90. This includes 40 videos and 21 backing tracks to play along with and an accompanying book with fingerprints and graphics.

Straight to the course: This way
My test report: This way

The most important information about at a glance

I have been contacted several times by guitar course providers and asked to test their course. Today I would like to introduce you to a guitar course, which is worth recommending! Norman Gänser is a guitar teacher from Vienna, who has made it his goal to share his knowledge and skills with other people. Unlike other music teachers, he developed a highly professional online guitar course which I tested. The guitar course consists of various video lessons and a PDF book with useful learning materials. Here is a reading sample.

The offer from

The offer from is aimed more at guitarists who want to start playing the guitar, as topics such as hand position or touching techniques are explained in great detail. After purchasing the “Elementar” online guitar course for € 69.00, you will have access to the login area. There you will find the various lessons to practice (> 65 videos) and the PDF book (+35 pages) for direct download.

A completely new course for the flamenco guitar is also offered. There he teaches all the important techniques for this particular style with Andreas Maria Germek. Click here for the flamenco guitar course.

Web view of a lesson by Georg Norberg

I had the opportunity to meet the Austrian Norman Gänser. Since I was more interested in his guitar course, I was able to ask him some of my questions. So if you want to know exactly how his online guitar course works and what makes him special, I recommend you read the interview with him.

Competence as a music teacherx
Covering different genresx
Overview of the websitex
Price-performance ratiox
Individual lessons / course schedulex
4 = very good, 3 = good, 2 = satisfactory, 1 = expandable

Did convince you?

Find out if suits you and get more information. This way to the page.

The most important information about Georg Norberg at a glance

The guitar course from Georg Norberg, who is himself referred to as the most famous guitar teacher, distinguishes the guitar institute. Georg Norberg offers various guitar courses that you can purchase and thus learn to play the guitar.
Below you will find courses for beginners such as:

  • Learning to play the guitar 4 weeks crash course
  • The electric guitar master’s course

up to courses for advanced learners such as:

  • Great guitar playing coaching
  • Guitar solo master course
  • Magical guitar runs
  • Pop Song Secrets

There is no free account to test the different courses. Instead, Georg Norberg offers you around 250 videos on his YouTube platform, on which you can get an impression of his teaching style before you start the courses. Georg Norberg has more than 100,000 subscribers on this channel, whom he teaches to play the guitar in a motivating and heartfelt way.

The offer from Guitar Institute

The offer of the guitar institute is divided into the above six courses, which are designed to teach you to play the guitar. It takes you relatively quickly through a four-week beginner crash course and then moves on to the advanced courses. Here I have a brief overview of the different courses for you:

Learning to play the guitar 4 weeks crash course97,00€
The electric guitar master course297,00€
Great guitar playing coaching147,00€
Guitar solo master's course297,00€
Magical guitar runs57,00€
Pop Song Secrets97,00€

In my opinion, Georg Norberg's website provides a very wide range of offers. Here you not only get guitar videos, but also everything you need for a good lesson. In addition, guitar exercises are made available to you to download. It is possible to start different courses here. The course “Learn to play guitar in a 4-week crash course” costs € 97.00 and is, in my opinion, a great introductory course.

Overview / structurex
User friendlyx
Song scopex
Customer servicex
4 = very good, 3 = good, 2 = satisfactory, 1 = expandable

Did the guitar institute convince you?

Find out if a guitar institute suits you and get more information. Click here to go to the guitar institute's website.

The most important information about my music school at a glance is an online platform for music lessons that has come together from a collaboration of various professional musicians. The great thing about the platform is that all offers adhere to common standards that guarantee you a great experience. There are generally no notice periods, a community for exchange and feedback is always available and all courses are based on well-structured video lessons with professionals and PDFs. There are a total of three courses for the guitar: an acoustic guitar course, one for the electric guitar and for advanced players there are the blues basics. You can also learn a number of other instruments, such as electric bass, piano, trumpet or chords.

The acoustic guitar course with Bernhard Galler

So first there is the acoustic guitar course. In this basic course you will really learn everything important within 12 months, so that at the end you can relax and play a wide variety of pieces from rock, pop and even a little jazz. You will be supervised by Bernhard Galler, who has worked as a guitar teacher and music journalist for many years. The procedure is based on the curriculum of the Association of German Music Schools and, for pedagogical reasons, as is generally the case on the platform, the lessons are only activated gradually. You can either try the acoustic guitar course for € 4.90 and then continue it as a subscription for € 27 a month, or you can take the full annual package for € 199 and save € 125 when you complete it.

The electric guitar course with Andreas Vockrodt

For the same price you can alternatively purchase an electric guitar course on This course is also a 12 month basic course that covers everything from chords to reading music with video lessons and PDFs. This as well as the blues basics course is carried out by music professional Andreas Vockrodt. The Blues Basics course is the right choice if you have already completed a basic course. Here you can learn free improvisation on the electric guitar with videos and numerous playbacks for a one-time fee of € 99. The course was divided into three sections, in which you move from licks without bending to simple bending licks and then finally learn repeating licks.

Did my music school convince you?

Find out if suits you and get more information. Here it goes to the page of

Conclusion: which online guitar course is right for you?

Everyone has to decide for themselves which online portal they want to work with and what suits them best. If you want to learn guitar in the long term and want to become a professional, I recommend the music2me guitar course. Guitar institute is perfectly suited as a beginner and offers you a good start. Do you already have experience with online guitar courses? Can you recommend an online guitar course that I haven't mentioned here yet? Then please leave a comment here!

Victor Otte

Hi, I'm Victor and I write articles for musicians and those who want to become one! With my experience in the music industry, I help bands master their everyday life as a band. I am particularly interested in musical instruments.

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