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Edamame 枝 豆

The Japanese enjoy edamame, which is still served in its pod, as a starter while drinking beer.

Beans on branch "

Generally are Edamame green, medium in size and elongated. When you see them for the first time you are hesitant whether to eat them whole or to shell them out. Lately are these Japanese beans known around the world and few know where they come from or how to eat them.

So here is the real story of the Japanese Edamame. „Eda"Means" branch "in Japanese and"mame“Means“ bean ”. It is an immature soybean that is harvested from the branch. The word first appeared in 1271. The Buddhist monk Nichiren sent a message to thank a resident who Edamame brought to the temple as a gift.


Perhaps it is due to their green color or their really distinct appearance as a vegetable, at least to assure a Japanese that the beangood for health be. But that seems to be true! They consist to a large extent of proteins and unsaturated fatty acids, are rich in vitamin C, magnesium and calcium and even contain omega-3 fatty acids. In order not to lose nutrients, it is enough to boil them briefly. You just leave them in lightly salted, boiling water for five minutes and you're ready to enjoy them.

But you don't eat the beautiful exteriorbut removes it to be able to eat the rich and crunchy peas that are really delicious. You can of course puree them. In Japan they are served with Starter as an appetizer and sometimes offers them for free in the izakayas with beer. They're lower in calories than chips or peanuts, but they're just as addicting. Maybe it's the way you eat them with your fingers or their slightly salty taste. The Edamame from Tsuruoka, which one there too "Dadachame" are known to be the best in the country!