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Shipping to Russia: What you should know as an online retailer

Shipping to Russia: Customs payments and import sales tax

With respect to Customs issues for international shipping to Russia, such as customs tariffs, customs duties and import sales tax as well as customs payments, it should also be noted that there is no legal obligation for German traders to notify Russian buyers of this. However, it ensures more customer satisfaction if you click on any on the page of your online shop or in your terms and conditions Additional costs for shipments abroad indicates.

Important customs documents

As soon as you send a parcel to a country outside the EU, you have to observe the customs requirements. This also includes the provision of the required customs forms. After all, you want to avoid a delay in delivery and, in the worst case, even a fine.

The following customs documents are required for international shipments to Russia:

Customs declaration

When shipping to Russia you always have a so-called Customs declaration CN23 or CN22 with enclose. You attach these to the outside of your package in duplicate. You need the CN22 customs declaration for parcels up to a value of approx. 350 euros (300 SDR). For all other parcels and parcels in general, you need the much more extensive customs declaration CN23. The customs declaration must be completed in Russian or French.

Commercial invoice

The commercial invoice serves as an export document and informs customs about the sender, the goods and the exact shipping process. Please attach two copies of these to the outside of your package. With our practical tool, you can create the appropriate customs declaration in just 3 steps and you also know at the same time whether a CN22 or CN23 customs declaration is required: