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Hello, I warmly welcome you here on my site, and I am very happy that you are interested in my work as a witch and my person.

I have been working under the name Hexe Theresia for 43 years. My real name is Kornelia Theresia Hübner and I was born in Windach, Landsberg am Lech district. I spent my childhood in Freising.

You are born a witch, as am I. At the age of six, my Baka (grandmother) introduced me to the world of magic and sorcery in a very gentle and playful way. The connections between natural and supernatural things immediately captivated me and showed me very clearly how my path would continue. 'At the age of 12 I was allowed to celebrate the first rituals with my Baka. I still remember how she smiled and raised her finger threateningly when I entered the altar without first cleaning myself with salt. Awe and respect, my child, were always her admonishing words.

Shortly after my 14th birthday, my beloved Baka died and all that remained was her shadow book and my sadness. A few years later I studied psychology, and after this degree I ran a successful practice in Passau, which was not least due to my ability to empathize with people and to see a little more than others.

After the tragic death of my sister, however, I gave up the practice and moved to northern Germany, where I gained new knowledge

16 years ago I moved back to Bavaria, where I continue to follow my calling and put my knowledge and my gifts as a witch in the service of my clients and those who need my help ...

In 1998 I published my first book, The White Magic of the Witch Theresia. In this book I describe rituals from the field of voodoo and doll magic, illuminate the healing powers of gemstones, plants and herbs, and show the cosmic connections between these things and the psychological aspects of humans. It is an insight into the world of witches' magic, which is easy to understand and at the same time a guide on the way to spirituality.

This book was followed by 30 more books on the topics of magic, life coaching, astrology, the power of angels, and a biography that gives deeper insights into my life. In 2014 a fortune telling card deck was released. At the moment I'm writing a witch's bible.