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Training with dumbbells is perfect for building specific muscle groups. Because dumbbell bars can be equipped with weights of different weights different exercises possible, so that a holistic training can be put together. However, changing weights always takes some time, which can be saved with adjustable dumbbells. If dumbbells are adjustable, they are also called in the fitness area Dumbbell systems known. Adjustable dumbbells are able to independently select the weights from a device and pull them up.

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Buy adjustable dumbbells and save time in the future

If you read the term "adjustable dumbbells" in the product description, you probably initially assume that the weight of the dumbbells can be adjusted individually. However, this is the case with almost all dumbbells. However, if you choose adjustable dumbbells, so you get so-called dumbbell systems. In order to change the weights with conventional dumbbells, you usually have to loosen a locking screw, remove the weight, attach another weight disc and finally screw the locking screw tightly back onto the barbell.

There are also Fixed connections, which allow the weights to be changed more quickly, but still take up unnecessary time. If, on the other hand, you want to buy adjustable dumbbells, you no longer have to worry about changing weights. A dumbbell system is able to find the respective weights itself and to attach them securely to the barbell attach. All you have to do is put the dumbbell in a special device and a few Button presses to do. During the time when the dumbbell system changes weights, you can now do stretching exercises or warm up for the next exercise and make good use of the training time.

Adjustable dumbbells: The set is ideal for circuit training

Lay people usually only know dumbbells as a training device to strengthen the upper arm muscles. However, there are far more exercises that can be performed with a dumbbell. It is important, however, that you keep the weights adapted to the respective exerciseto achieve the optimal training effect. If several exercises are carried out in quick succession, one speaks of so-called circuit training. An adjustable dumbbell set is an excellent choice for the following exercises, for example:

exercisedescriptionStressed muscles
Bicep curlsThe dumbbell is taken in one or both arms and slowly brought towards the upper body.(Upper) arm muscles
Bench pressA classic dumbbell exercise that involves lying on your back. The dumbbell is pushed up over the chest and slowly lowered again.Chest muscles
Rowing exerciseSit with one leg on a bench and let the dumbbell hang sideways from your body. Now you pull it up and push it up over your shoulder.Back and shoulder muscles

While you are likely to use light weights for the bicep curls, the weight for the Bench press can be 40 kg or more. If you don't want to lose unnecessary time training with adjustable weights, you should get adjustable dumbbells.

Adjustable dumbbells provide several benefits

If you don't just use adjustable dumbbells for biceps curls, but also want to do several exercises with the fitness equipment, the Benefit ofSystem dumbbells be sure to be delighted. If dumbbells are adjustable, you can look forward to the following advantages:

  • the dumbbell set already contains several weights, so that they do not have to be bought separately
  • Adjusting the dumbbells is done in a few seconds, without having to do anything yourself
  • most products are relatively easy to use

However, you should also do the following Minus point know:

  • if dumbbells are adjustable, they are not necessarily cheap

Adjustable dumbbells: The scope of the set always depends on the manufacturer

Dumbbell systems, which can automatically adjust the attached weights, impress with a special advantage: Several weight plates are already included in the scope of delivery. If you buy a dumbbell set instead, in which you have to adjust the weights yourself, you usually only receive two to six weight plates. If the training is to be expanded later, you have to buy heavier weight plates separately. However, what weights are included with adjustable dumbbells varies from brand to brand. The leading manufacturer Powerblock, for example, offers a large number of different dumbbell sets that for beginners, advanced or professional athletes suitable. Other popular manufacturers are Ultrasport, Bowflex or DialTech.

Buy dumbbell sets with many weights: Even if you are still at the beginning of the training, it is worth investing for the future now. A dumbbell set with a few weights that is automatically adjustable costs less than a professional dumbbell machine, but the prices for individual weight plates should not be underestimated. In addition, it can be difficult to find suitable weight plates for the weight system used.

Buy adjustable dumbbells cheap: follow tips and save money

What is certain is that the dumbbells should be automatically adjustable. However, the purchase decision has not yet been made. If you are looking for the best adjustable dumbbells, you should read a professional adjustable dumbbell comparison. Rate here Experts | from the Stiftung Wartentest, Öko-Test or other institutes the quality and user-friendliness of the products. The test reports represent good purchase advice and make the evaluation of the various Products from specialist dealers and from discounters like Aldi or Lidl. Adjustable dumbbell test winners are only those products that have completely convinced the experts, so that they recommend the dumbbells. If you want to buy the adjustable dumbbell test winner particularly cheaply, experience has shown that a price comparison makes sense. Who does not order directly in the first online shop, but one price comparison or take a look at ebay can save a lot of money on the product itself as well as on shipping.

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