Women use men penises against them

The penis monologues

Feminism sees the penis as a weapon, men struggle with its size. When it comes to a good piece of man, everything points to a crisis. But don't despair now, men.

Men are now supposed to wear leggings. So there is a trend from the gender fluid fashion world. This trend says a lot about the changed image of the man. About how you want the man of today: similar to women. In the case of the tight-fitting, thin pants, however, there is a problem. It points to an undeniable, unmistakable difference between men and women.

The bulge in the crotch may only be indicated. Men better not strut through the streets like ballet dancers who protect and emphasize the penis and testicles with a corset. Because that would be too offensive, men hardly ever wear tight swimming trunks anymore - and sweatpants only with boxer shorts over them. A man who exhibits his masculinity is quickly seen as a man of potency. This is also so paradoxical about leggings on men: what is shown should shrink to an invisible size.

Because the penis remains occupied. Feminism continues to problematize him to this day. For former radical feminists, every penis was a rape weapon. For many women it is still a symbol of male supremacy, the phallocracy. No man any longer casually says that he is proud of what sets him apart from women. He would end up in hell. Freud still accused women of penis envy. Envy of what? His theory is doubly untenable today.

The gender discourse with its castrating effect is one thing. Usually, however, the men themselves do not have a carefree relationship with the part of the body between their legs. I wonder why? They are concerned with size. They compare length and girth, curvature and angle as if there was a perfect example. As if the nature of the penis said something about manhood. The good news: it doesn't.

According to surveys, almost every second man is said to quarrel with his penis. They think it's too small or too average. Big was not always desirable. The Greeks and the Romans found a large penis ridiculous, and a well-hung man was ridiculed. It stayed that way in the Renaissance: more value was attached to the scrotum than to the transport vessel for the sperm. The ideal of that time now disappoints anyone who stands in front of Michelangelo's Davide with a searching gaze.

Then photography came up, later film. Pornography in particular fools men today that virility can be measured in centimeters. Because now the camera moves the genitals into the picture.

Its visibility promoted the penile crisis. It causes problems for the man who is attached to the small part of the body. “Small” in proportion to body size, of course - don't get excited, men. The man looks down at himself worriedly and forgets what every sex therapist assures him: that he is much more than what the bare number suggests.

Nevertheless, the male self-worth is dependent on the standard. And with that back to women. Women can be ruthless and know how to meet men. Porn actress Stormy Daniels could probably have humiliated Donald Trump, with whom she was having an affair, with nothing more than pointing out his tiny penis. She compared him to a mushroom cartoon character. The women take advantage of the fact that the men themselves enter this size competition. Penis jokes are the best way to get revenge on patriarchy.

But what is it like when women and men really get close? Here a woman hardly tries to downsize the man psychologically if she wants the man to be able to. The women are otherwise forgiving. They like to claim that size doesn't matter. The only thing that is true about it: The existing or nonexistent size is forgotten at the end of the night, provided that both are happy. And so found other ways.