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Where can I get a corona test before I leave or after I return?

You can find many test offers for both PCR tests as well as fast Antigen tests near your home town through the internet search engines. When a PCR testvery shortly before departure is required, it can be carried out at the major airports. In Terminal 2 at Munich Airport, for example, the company offers "Test & Fly Center" PCR tests and we guarantee that the result will be communicated via email after 3 to 6 hours. The airports in Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Berlin also offer similar options.

How can I get comprehensive insurance?

How safe am I on the plane?

Infection is possible wherever people are close together. Compared to public transport, shops, schools, restaurants and cultural institutions, staying on an airplane is safe.

  • Almost all travel destinations and airlines require a negative PCR test before traveling. It is therefore unlikely that infected guests will be on the plane.
  • All indoor air is exchanged once every 3 minutes. Half of the inflowing air is fresh air from the area around the aircraft, the other half is indoor air freed from germs (including viruses) and suspended matter to 99.97% (manufacturer information) with a “HEPA filter” (video).
  • The flight crew monitors the wearing of medical masks during the flight and thus minimizes the already low residual risk.

Return to Germany by plane

The coronavirus entry regulation of May 13th, 21st (valid from May 13th to June 30th, 21st) regulates the registration, proof and segregation obligations uniformly for the whole of Germany.

1. Applies to all returnees arriving by plane
  • A negative test result must be presented upon check-in. If there is a PCR test it must not have been removed until 72 hours before landing in Germany at the earliest. A Rapid antigen test must not have been removed earlier than 48 hours before landing in Germany.
  • Children under 6 years of age are exempt from the obligation to test corona before they travel home.
2. Entry from a risk area
  • 10 days quarantine at home, which can be ended after 5 days with a negative corona test (PCR or antigen).
  • Digital entry registration or replacement notification in paper form must be completed prior to check-in.
  • If you recovered from Covid 19 or fully vaccinated the quarantine ends as soon as you submit your proof of recovery, vaccination or testing to the responsible health department.
3. Entry from a high incidence area
  • Digital entry registration or replacement notification in paper form must be completed prior to check-in
  • 10 days quarantine at home, which can be ended after 5 days with a new negative corona test (PCR or antigen). This also applies if you have been vaccinated or have recovered from Covid 19.
4. Entry from a virus variant area

TIP: As the airline may not be aware at check-in that an antigen test is sufficient for proof of testing under German law, it is advisable to do one PCR test to be submitted, which was carried out no earlier than 72 hours before return (landing) to Germany.

Trauminsel Flex tariffs without surcharge and additional corona insurance from HanseMerkur

Our tips and offers for your financial security
  • Cancel free of charge up to the day of departure. If, after booking, exceptional circumstances occur in the country of travel (e.g. a travel warning) that would prevent the start of the journey unreasonable we cancel free of charge up to the day of departure.
  • Rebooking up to 14 days before departure. If you do not want to travel even though there are no exceptional circumstances that would make the start of the journey unreasonable, you can rebook to a later travel time up to 14 days before the start of the journey. If the price is reduced at the new travel time, we will reimburse the difference; if the price increases, we will charge the difference. If hotels or airlines require cancellation fees (which is very rare in Corona times!), We will pass them on to you at no extra charge.
  • Are you unable to travel or return home due to illness?Your Health insurance covers the treatment costs, a cancellation insurance covers the cancellation costs. To be on the safe side, please check whether your health insurance does not cover the costs of pandemic-related illnesses (under certain conditions).
  • Do you get sick while traveling? Your Health insurance covers the health costs, travel cancellation insurance (is in most Cancellation insurance inclusive) assumes the additional costs resulting from a travel interruption.
  • Corona supplementary insurance: A Corona travel protection can be booked when taking out cancellation insurance. Then HanseMerkur Insurance will also cover the costs if you are due Corona suspicion (Cold symptoms, fever, cough) or a positive test are not allowed to travel or return home as planned. It does not matter whether the travel destination is classified as a risk area or not. For details, please refer to the information provided by HanseMerkur on Corona travel protection and the HanseMerkur terms and conditions.
  • If you have the Corona travel protection If you book on the website and forward the insurance confirmation for cancellation and Corona supplement as a PDF to us, we will cover the costs of the Corona supplementary insurance.

Our main travel destinations in alphabetical order

Balearic Islands I Dubai (United Arab Emirates) I Maldives I Mauritius I Zanzibar I Seychelles I Sri Lanka I Thailand

“Before Corona” it was possible for us to realize (almost) every travel request. Unfortunately, this is different at the moment, as many countries only allow travel to a limited extent, not at all or under more or less strict conditions. We do everything to make the preparation easy for you, but we ask you to accept any difficulties that may arise.

In the following we summarize the conditions of our most important travel countries. If you want to know more, please use the websites of the Robert Koch Institute (risk areas), the Federal Foreign Office and the website “Safe Travel”. The websites of your booked airline and the ADAC are also helpful.

Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca)

No risk area according to RKI

  • Within 72 hours before entry (Arrival at the airport) in the Balearic Islands a negative PCR test must be carried out. If you cannot show the test at check-in, you are not allowed to go on board.
  • A health form at must be completed no earlier than 48 hours before entering Spain. If you fail to fill out the form, you can do so at the Spanish airport on arrival.
  • Quarantine after return does not apply as long as the Balearic Islands are not classified as a risk area by the RKI.
  • Corona test before returning to Germany see here.
  • Spain on the website “Safe Travel”

Dubai and United Arab Emirates

Risk area according to RKI

  • If there is only a transit of a few hours in Dubai (without overnight stay), the rules of the final destination of the flight apply.
  • If you want to stay overnight in Dubai, a paper PCR test must be presented at check-in at your home airport, which was carried out no more than 96 hours (4 days) before departure and is (also) issued in English. You can find more information about the conditions here.
  • If you test positive for Covid-19 during your trip, the costs incurred are covered by an insurance included in the Emirates ticket price. You can find details on this by clicking here.
  • Dubai on the website “Safe Travel”


High incidence area according to RKI

  • The Maldives are one of the few countries where a large part of the population is already vaccinated. The employees in tourism were vaccinated first and therefore for the most part already enjoy full vaccination protection.
  • At the earliest 96 hours before departure a negative PCR test must be carried out for the Maldives. The PCR document must contain the test time and result, the name of the traveler, the full address details of the laboratory and the type of PCR test and must also be in English.
  • The health form on the Internet and a Immigration Arrival Card to be filled in, which will be issued before landing on the aircraft. More information from the government of the Maldives can be found here.
  • In order to be covered in the event of an infection during your vacation, the government of the Maldives has negotiated a corona insurance with a local insurance company, the conditions of which you can read here and which you can book here.
  • Island hopping: Before traveling on to a second or third island in the Maldives, you will need a negative PCR test in each case. When you arrive on your holiday island, please discuss when and where you can take the test before you continue your journey. The two hotels usually discuss this with each other.
  • Maldives on the website “Safe Travel”


No risk area according to RKI

  • Mauritius has been almost "corona free”And started a vaccination campaign in February 2021, which is expected to be completed in June.
  • The government has announced that it will lift all travel restrictions once 70% of the population has received at least one dose of vaccine. According to the current vaccination rate, she assumes that it will be ready in June 2021.
  • We are happy to book trips starting in September 2021. If entry is still not possible then, you can withdraw free of charge or rebook to a later travel time.
  • Mauritius on the website “Safe Travel”

Zanzibar & Mainland Tanzania

High incidence area according to RKI

  • Due to government regulations, hotels, restaurants and other tourist facilities must take hygiene precautions to protect the hosts and their guests.
  • In order to track the spread of the virus, guests must show an itinerary. Evidence of a negative PCR test is not required.
  • There are concerns about the correct reporting of the infections in Tanzania. The disease rates are probably higher than stated by the Tanzanian government. Some airlines require a negative PCR test to be presented at check-in in Zanzibar before the flight home. Example: Qatar Airways or Emirates. Since the information from Tanzania is uncertain and the conditions can change at short notice, we recommend that you ask the airline before departure whether a test is required at check-in at the airport.
  • Tanzania and Zanzibar on the website “Safe Travel”


High incidence area according to RKI

  • Almost all of them were Corona restrictions repealed because a large part of the population has been immunized through a successful vaccination campaign.
  • Furthermore, the "AHA rules”To be observed. The use of public bus transport is not permitted for vacationers.
  • Restaurants, spas, bars, pools, sports facilities, kids clubs are allowed to open and let guests in after prior notification and appointment.
  • Anyone entering the Seychelles must have a Entry permit request and upload a negative PCR test performed no more than 72 hours before departure. A fee of € 50 per person has to be paid by credit card.
  • PCR tests are offered in the state clinics on Mahé, Praslin and La Digue, Monday through Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. You can be tested 24 hours a day at private stations operated by Seychelles Medical Services on Mahé and Praslin with both PCR (150 €) and antigen test (110 €). Short-term tests at Mahé International Airport are also possible for an additional charge. You can find more information by clicking here! Our local representative Mason’s Travel and / or the concierge of your hotel will help you to make an appointment.

Seychelles on the website “SafeTravel”

Sri Lanka

No risk area according to RKI

  • Sri Lanka closed its borders in April 2020 and therefore had few illnesses. In February 2021, the country reopened its borders for vacation travel. Please inform yourself here in detail.
  • There is no quarantine during the stay in Sri Lanka and no quarantine after returning to Germany.
  • A negative PCR test must be carried out no more than 96 hours before departure to Sri Lanka.
  • Travelers must obtain a digital travel permit shortly before the trip
  • Two PCR tests are prepaid (about 50 €), which are carried out after arrival in Sri Lanka. A first PCR test is carried out on arrival at the first hotel of your Sri Lanka trip, a second on the 5th, 6th or 7th day in the hotel that is booked for that day.
  • We book your stay in licensed “Safe and Secure” hotels.
  • Visits to attractions will be scheduled prior to the trip. Our local partner ensures that the deadlines can be met.
  • In order to ensure compliance with the state hygiene measures, we work together with the company “Autheticities” from Colombo, which guarantees that all state hygiene regulations are adhered to when planning and carrying out your trips. Here are the “FAQs” from Authenticities, which answer all essential questions.
  • Sri Lanka on the website “Safe Travel


No risk area according to RKI

Corona travel conditions for other countries

Almost all countries require a negative corona test (PCR) to be presented prior to entry, which was carried out no earlier than 72 hours before departure from the home country. In individual cases, a deadline of 48 or 96 hours also applies. Current information can be found on the website "Safe journey".

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We compile this information to the best of our knowledge and belief. Since governments often change travel conditions at short notice and without notice, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information.

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