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Before we introduce you to many different business ideas from different areas and industries below, we would like to give you 3 reading tips: Find out about the top 50 start-ups as inspiration for a completely new business idea, about business ideas in the area of ​​franchising, if You are looking for a tried and tested business model.

Our business idea check shows you how to put your business idea through its paces.

Discover new business ideas on a regular basis

In our founder, we regularly introduce you to new business ideas from many areas:

Get to know successful franchise ideas

Successfully self-employed with a franchise. Many founders also go this way. The franchise market offers a wide variety of business ideas in a wide variety of industries. Discover popular franchise concepts and their ideas in our franchise exchange. Below you can browse through franchise ideas from the areas of trade & services as well as sports & fitness.

1. An overview of popular business ideas

Our GründerDaily reports regularly on business ideas from a wide variety of areas. A valuable source of inspiration for your start-up project.

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Inspirations and business ideas

At regular intervals, we portray business ideas on current trends in the GründerDaily. We show 5 exciting examples in the following table.

Business ideadescription
Fight the plasticBusiness ideas that replace plastic with sustainable materials. Containers, disposable dishes made from sugar cane, coconut, bran or bamboo. To business ideas without plastic.
Subscription business ideasNot only newspapers or digital products can be subscribed to. We show candy boxes, cloth diapers, construction kits for children and craft boxes, everything on subscription. To the subscription business ideas.
Death and burialTaking care of the last things, there are also business ideas for this: digital booking of a complete funeral, funeral networks, condolence and remembrance portals. To the funeral business ideas.
Parent and childBusiness ideas that make life easier for children and parents: furniture that can grow with them, rental toys for the vacation, activity boxes for sick children. To the child-parent business ideas.
Better diagnosticsDetect diseases earlier through faster and error-free diagnoses: New approaches to vein diagnostics, early breast cancer detection and process optimization in the laboratory. To the health business ideas.

Current business ideas at a glance

2. Choose from 1000 franchise business ideas

You don't have your own business idea yet? Would you prefer to rely on a tried and tested business concept? Then simply select the right business idea for you from the franchise area. The franchise industry can look back on significant leaps in sales over the past few years. There are now over 100,000 franchisees and around 1,000 franchise systems. What this means for you: There are 1,000 tried and tested business ideas available for you to start up as a franchisee. Find out here how exactly Franchise works.

Top 10 Franchise Business Ideas

The Top 10 Franchise initiative presents the best business ideas from the franchise sector. The top 10 franchise business ideas only contain franchise systems that are positively rated by the market. Here the satisfaction and experiences of the franchisees are taken into account as well as the future opportunities of the system on the market. Perhaps there is also a business idea for self-employment here - for the top 10 franchises.

Find business ideas with our franchise exchange

Or you can get to know exciting business ideas from systems that are currently looking for new founders in our franchise exchange. These franchise business ideas come from the areas of education, advice, home and hobby, sport and health, trade and services, as well as food and drink.

# 1 Take off part-time

With part-time business ideas you can test your independence or earn an additional income in addition to your permanent job. If you start your company on a part-time basis, you need self-discipline, good self-organization and perseverance. In addition, your permanent job should not be too strenuous so that you can develop your business idea in your free time.

Here are some areas for good business ideas as a part-time job.

Business idea description
Coffee bikeCoffee-Bike is the specialty café on 3 wheels. Interesting for part-time professionals because of the low franchise fees. More about Coffee-Bike.
Graphic designerHelp small website owners with the bottleneck of images. This is also possible on a part-time basis. More about part-time graphic designer.
Lecturer for studentsHelp stressed students proofread their bachelor thesis. You are certain to earn good extra income. More about the editor.
Social Media ConsultantHelp small businesses get the most out of their social media channels. That brings in additional money. More about digital marketing for start-ups.
Affiliate marketingAre you a specialist in products that are in high demand? With an affiliate website, you generate commissions on every sale. More about affiliate marketing.
BloggerBlog about exciting topics and monetize the blog with advertising income. More about the blogging business.
E-learning expertSell ​​your expert knowledge via online courses on Youtube or on training platforms such as Udemy. More about e-learning.
Fitness coachSell ​​your enthusiasm for sports as a coach to amateur athletes. Here you can find out everything about the fitness coach business concept.
Music teacherAs a musician, sell your skills through online courses or acquire students through your website. More about music teachers.

Here you will find even more good business ideas for part-time founders.

# 2 Passive Income: Make Money Without Working?

The concept of passive income promises business ideas that will make you money with little effort. That is, of course, too good to be true. But there are business ideas with which you can sell your skills alongside your job and earn additional money. We explain the business idea of ​​passive income to you.

In our GründerDaily you will find further business ideas for passive income:

Business idea description
Design t-shirtsWith a little creativity, a T-shirt can be designed quickly and, with a little luck, a new bestseller. More about it here
Program the appWhether train information, online banking or messenger - very few people do everyday life without an app. So why not seize the opportunity? More about it here
Explanatory and learning videosIn addition to the desire to stand in front of the camera, a certain amount of know-how in a specialist area is required. More about it here
Write an e-bookAnyone who has a journalistic streak or who likes to write can dare to work on an eBook as a part-time job. More about it here
Personal trainingDoing your hobby as a part-time job sounds very tempting and can be very easy. More about it here
Create review pagesMake money with reviews? This works out! And even relatively easy and without much prior knowledge. More about it here
Become an app testerApps must always be up to date and tested for errors. Sound comfortable? It is. More about it here
give tutoringAlways good at math? Then use the potential and pass on your knowledge. More about it here
Become an online sellerDo you like to shop on eBay, amazon & Co. and know how the platforms work? Perfect, then move your home flea market to the Internet. More about it here
photographyThose who like to take photos professionally can turn their hobby into a lucrative part-time job. More about it here

You can find more good business ideas in the area of ​​passive income here.

# 3 Crazy and bizarre business ideas

How crazy can a business idea be? We show you bizarre and successful business ideas for typical everyday problems. Many a business idea also builds up a completely new market:

Business idea description
Single exchange for dogsThe Barkbuddy platform is a special kind of partner exchange. Stray dogs are sold to dog lovers. More about it here
Vodka made from old baked goodsThis start-up makes vodka from old baked goods and thus fights against food waste. Learn more.
Divorce attorneyDivorce Hotels is turning the wedding market upside down. Because instead of addressing wealthy bride and groom, this is about married couples who are anything but happy. More about it here
Good electric shocksDo you smoke and do you want to quit? Or chew your fingernails? That could soon come to an end with Pavlok's electric shocks. More about it here

You can find more information on crazy business ideas here.

# 4 business ideas: luxury versus bankruptcy

Some serve a wealthy target group, others lead directly to bankruptcy. We introduce you to both types of business ideas:

Business idea description
ChronextDo you want to buy a luxury watch, but not from a jeweler? Chronext offers a marketplace for luxury watches with a guarantee of authenticity. More about it here
KoioHigh-quality sneakers made in Italy are the USP of Koio, a German start-up. The founders thus occupy a niche in luxury shoes. More about it here
NevasTable water as a luxury product is the business idea. The "Premium Table Water Cuvée" comes from two sources and shines with its elegant presentation. More about it here
LUMANoble mold like cheese or wine is now also found in meat. High-quality meats are refined and particularly tender. More about it here
Change colorDo you know the cups that change color under warm or cold water? This can now also be done with cars. More about it here
Luxury second handSecond-hand is now also available in the higher price segment - online. Plagiarism and fear of fraud? Not at REBELLE. More about it here
Low carb beerThe business idea worked in Australia, unfortunately not in Germany and Austria. Sales costs that were too high and acceptance in the catering industry were too low. More about it here
Silent vibratorsLAVIU wanted to revive the toy market with a silent vibrator. Unfortunately the timing wasn't ideal. The market readiness was delayed and then the money ran out. More about it here
Fashion trendy and cheapLesara was considered a star in the fashion sky. The growth rates were good, but bad investments upset the start-up. More about it here

We also regularly publish more good business ideas for the luxury sector and examples of failed business ideas in the GründerDaily.

# 5 Good business ideas from America

In America, innovative business ideas are always developed and many of these good business ideas can be implemented in Germany. As a German entrepreneur, let yourself be inspired by American business ideas and find your own business idea - for business ideas from America.

In our GründerDaily we regularly report on the best business ideas from America:

Business idea description
Tiny houseLiving space is scarce. More houses are needed. Mini houses, which can even be mobile, help. More about it here.
Rent children's toysToys that a 3-year-old would like will bore the 4-year-old. So why not rent? More about it here.
Recompose LifeRecomposting as a new form of burial. Instead of being buried or cremated, the deceased is turned to earth. More about it here.
Stylish bicycle helmetsPark & ​​Diamond thinks helmets don't have to be ugly. How about a bicycle helmet as a baseball cap. More about it here.
The robot restaurantEat well and cheaply. That works when the robot is cooking and when all processes are optimized. The start-up Spyce proves it. More about it here.
Fit in a hurryWhat to do with time that suddenly becomes free? The question arises, for example, in the event of a missed flight. How about some exercise? More about it here

You can find more good business ideas from America in the GründerDaily.

# 6 Business ideas in the lion den

In the TV show Die Höhle der Löwen, start-ups and founders pitch in front of five investors to make a deal. We will show you which business idea was successful and which business idea was not convincing:

Business idea description
Low carb with a differenceEating low carb means avoiding carbohydrates. It doesn't have to be, thought the founders of Lizza. More about it here
Fresh breathWho doesn't get annoyed - after a tasty kebab, you smell 10 meters against the wind thanks to the garlic sauce. Papa Türk provides a remedy. More about it here
Hip juicesFruit and vegetable juices can probably keep their vitamins - if they are cold-pressed instead of hot-pressed. Kale & Me lead the way. More about it here
Light walletWallets made of synthetic fibers could have become the bestsellers in German supermarkets. But sometimes that's not the way to go. More about it here

Here you will find good business ideas from the lion's den in the GründerDaily.

# 7 Sustainable business ideas

Sustainability is a megatrend that prepares the ground for interesting business ideas. Those founders who offer convincing business ideas in the field of environmental protection and resource conservation have opportunities. In our GründerDaily we regularly present business ideas in the field of sustainability:

Business idea description
Away with the plasticPlastic-free chewing gum, sustainable disposable tableware, organic cosmetics, glass straws - all plastic-free. To business ideas without plastic
Houses made from trashHats off to this business idea, the founders of Adaptavate really gave it a thought. Sounds utopian? Not at all. More about it here
Business ideas made of woodBicycles, men's accessories, surfboards, glasses, watches - everything made from the renewable raw material wood. To the business ideas made of wood
Grabbed at the rootIf Infarm had its way, fruits and vegetables would not only be sold in the supermarket, but would also grow right there. More about it here
Throwing away prohibitedInstead of recycling, don't throw it at all - it doesn't get any more sustainable than that. kaputt.de shows you how you can help to make the world a little better. More about it here

You can find more ute business ideas in the field of sustainability in the GründerDaily.

Unpackaged store business idea: Here you can find out how to implement this sustainable business idea

Open an unpackaged store

# 8 Underrated business ideas

Those who want to set up successfully do not necessarily have to be based in a typical startup region. Even with a proven business idea in a traditional industry, those who do everything right can be successful. Let yourself be inspired by our underrated business ideas:

Business idea description
Crypto moneyBitcoins as gold of the digital age or just an air number? In any case, this business idea should not be underestimated. More about it here
Limo for everyoneHealthy nutrition and regionality - these have been two nutrition trends for a few years now. Limoment took advantage of this and developed a great business idea. More about it here
Excuses don't countYou are probably familiar with the well-known coffee shop: a fee is due for every drink consumed. The self-service start-up knows that this is often forgotten and has a solution for it. More about it here
Felt it downNot only you, but also the dentist himself thinks about the cost of each of your visits. Namely the cost of its equipment. Dentist-Hero does this work for him. More about it here
The new colleagueOne hears again and again that robots are taking away jobs. Instead of taking them away, just become your new colleague - and Mercury.ai knows how. More about it here

We keep you informed about underrated business ideas in the GründerDaily.

# 9 business ideas from female founders

We want to dispel the prejudice that there are no female founders in Germany. In the following, we present 5 business ideas from over 300 female start-ups.

Business idea description
Children's clothing individuallySmall labels, local brands: appealing clothing for children beyond mass production. More about this business idea
Creative sewing barnCorona masks, fabrics, table linen, curtains, sewing accessories and courses for hobby seamstresses. More about this business idea
Rent a strollerStrollers, travel equipment such as car seats, buggies or handcarts for rent. More about this business idea
Get rid of menstrual crampsA portal helps women who have problems with menstruation and menstruation. With online shop. More about this business idea
Childcare appSitEinander connects parents to better organize childcare. More about this business idea

Read more about good business ideas from women.

# 10 Good business ideas from internet startups

The Internet offers founders and start-ups numerous business ideas to start their own business. Be it with the programming of apps or various web shops and social networks. We have numerous good business ideas in front of you on the Internet.

You can read more internet business ideas regularly in the GründerDaily:

Business idea description
Just learnWith just a few clicks you get better grades in school and university, regardless of whether you are doing homework, studying for exams or preparing for final exams. More about it here
Happy customersWhat does customer service have in common with a messenger service? In fact, more than you think. A business idea that helps companies. More about it here

Find a business idea? Here you can find inspiration for business ideas on the Internet.

# 11 FinTech business ideas for the banking market

The financial sector is traditionally shaped by large companies. But more and more start-ups are acting as innovators and bringing business ideas onto the market that stir up the classic financial market: FinTech business ideas.

We also regularly report on Fintech business ideas in the GründerDaily:

Business ideadescription
Identity verificationDetermine the identity of a customer via selfie and ID video in the future? How exactly does that work. More about it here
Go cheap tooFidor Bank wants to keep it cheap and thus offers a real alternative to the classic big banks. More about it here
Without an EC cardFour different product packages and there is something for everyone. This business idea is impressive. More about it here
Not quite round yetThe start-up hufsy doesn't make it that easy for founders to begin with. However, this business idea still offers advantages. More about it here
Account for the little onesThis concept not only offers an account, but also puts one on top. More about it here

You can find more good business ideas in the GründerDaily.

# 12 Good business ideas: design, decor, and furniture

The area of ​​design, furnishings and furniture offers entrepreneurs a large area in which good business ideas can be developed and implemented in viable concepts. Read more about the good business ideas Smart House or Pattern Design, among other things. Find your own business idea in the area of ​​home design here.

Business idea description
Sleep and the CityYou can find the best sleeping place in the world in New York at Casper's - at least that's the start-up's slogan. More about it here
Foldable furnitureFinally you can look forward to the move, because this time you can dismantle and drag it without any furniture. More about it here

You can find more good business ideas and concepts in the GründerDaily for the areas of furniture, design and furnishings.

# 13 Good food, drink, food business ideas

Eating, drinking and food offers many opportunities for founders to find the right business idea. Let yourself be inspired by good business ideas in the field of food and drink.

We also regularly report on business ideas in the Food & Drinks area in our GründerDaily:

Business idea description
Feasting allowedEating ice cream without a guilty conscience is not possible? And whether that is possible. The young start-up Protami show us how. More about it here
Insects welcomeThe startup Bugfoundation wanted to create something that has never been done before. And indeed you did. More about it here
Alternatives to meatHow can food without meat be tasty? 5 start-ups offer a solution. More about it here.

You can find more business ideas for food and drink in the GründerDaily.

# 14 Good business ideas in clothing and fashion

In the clothing and fashion sector, there are many ways open to start-ups to implement their business idea. Let yourself be inspired, among other things, by good business ideas such as myBoshi or Trunk Club - for business ideas from the fashion sector.

Our GründerDaily also offers impulses for your own business concept in the fashion sector:

Business idea description
Fashion with a heartWhat do drawings by socially disadvantaged schoolchildren have to do with fashion? This touching business idea shows it. More about it here
A lot for little moneyThanks to Chic by Choice, the way to the designer dream dress is very easy and inexpensive. More about it here
Only for menThe founders of the start-up Majic know how reluctant men are to go shopping and have therefore developed a business idea that is convincing. More about it here
Nerves from a tightropeParents should be happy about the new concept of Kindhochdrei - it is easy on the nerves and children's eyes are bigger. More about it here
Nothing for normal peopleArt that you carry around with you and through which you can network with other art lovers. Sounds bizarre? More about it here

You can find more fashion business ideas in the GründerDaily.

# 15 Business ideas from leisure, sport and entertainment

Many good business ideas are implemented in the areas of leisure, sport and entertainment. For example, the business ideas Ballerinas-to-go or the Mitesszentrale offer you suggestions for your own business idea in the field of leisure and entertainment.

Our GründerDaily also offers you valuable practical examples here:

Business idea description
Training plans for everyoneFitness know-how from over 100 experts for everyone: that is just one of many convincing arguments that LOOX have packed into their business idea. More about it here
Farewell to inner weaker selfThe goal of the start-up Toplife.Zone is to fight your weaker self and with unusual means. More about it here
Sports app pioneerFreeletics is considered a pioneer among sports apps and also serves as an example of the success of a young start-up. More about it here
No more aloneTwo people are less alone - this can also be applied to sport. It is easier to train with others and you are motivated at the same time. More about it here
Appropriate footwearIn addition to the necessary motivation, Nobull also provides sports enthusiasts with the right training equipment. More about it here

You can find more business ideas in the fields of sport, leisure and entertainment here.

4. Highlights from the business ideas of previous years

Every year the best business ideas receive a lot of prize money from investors as start-up capital in the numerous start-up and business plan competitions. We present these on our new portal Top50Startups.de.

  • Top 50 start-ups 2020: Start-ups from the Industry 4.0 and aerospace sectors are in the first place.
  • Top 50 start-ups in 2019: IOT for autonomous driving, software for radiologists and apps for nursing made it onto the podium.
  • Top 50 start-ups in 2018: the production of peptides, real-time traffic monitoring and charging systems for electric cars were the best business ideas.
  • Top 50 start-ups 2017: In 2017, gold, silver and bronze went to business ideas from the medical technology and life science sectors.

It is interesting to see that most of the top 50 start-ups we selected and their business ideas have mastered the critical first few years well. Find out more about the sectors of start-ups on our new portal.

5. And this is how you find your own business idea

Basically, you have 3 options for starting your own business. You start with your own business idea, choose franchising or take over a company as part of corporate succession.

Find out about examples from startups or exchange ideas with other founders. Take advantage of our weekly inspirations for entrepreneurs and managers. This is where founders and startups introduce themselves in an interview and you will receive valuable insights and background information. Books about successful entrepreneurs are also recommended.

You can also use creativity techniques and idea management methods. Regardless of whether you are pursuing your own business idea or adopting existing business concepts as part of franchising or succession, implementation is what counts.

6. Check your business idea with the Business Model Canvas