How do lavish bath bombs work

Lush: There's a sweet surprise in this bath bomb for Easter

Yes. Eh We have long passed childhood, but colorful bath bombs still make our hearts skip higher. And when they look as cute as the products in the new Lush Easter collection, there is hardly any stopping them ...

The Easter collection 2019 from Lush is not only handmade, colorful and humorous, but also 100 percent vegan. In addition to bath bombs in the shape of a bunny, sheep, carrots and golden eggs, there is one product that has particularly impressed us: a bath bomb that has a sweet secret inside ...

As soon as the two halves of the bath bomb open, bubbling and crackling, the eggs "hatch" dinosaurs, bunnies or chicken made from washing clay. Either you go all-in and give yourself the full bathing experience, or you are more economical, use half of the bath bomb per bathtub session and also use the washing clay individually.

What is washing clay?

You can either use the washing clay under the running water for a (really lavish) bubble bath, or you take a small piece as a gentle cleaner, or you knead something with it ... In any case, you can enjoy the wonderful scent of peach, strawberry and enjoy gentle violet notes.

So: If you've been missing the brilliant idea for an Easter present - here you have it! Available online at Lush or directly in the store!

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