How do I improve my music theory

Learn the piano

The piano is a wonderful instrument.

Johannes Heesters already sang:One should be able to play the piano, whoever plays the piano is lucky with the women.

Your first motivation should be the joy of music. Learning the piano can be really fun if you use the right methods.

Playing the piano also has many positive side effects.

Music is a real fountain of youth: Playing the piano promotes understanding, feeling and agility.

When playing the piano, new connections are created between the brain cells due to the cognitive and motor tasks. This works completely independently of the pieces of music or styles.

But what is important is the joy of learning. You should enjoy the pieces and exercises.

Learning is always connected with emotions. Joy, enthusiasm, when you succeed in something, when you achieve goals, when you have a sense of achievement: “I did it”!

However, when it gets tough when you have to overcome hurdles, doubts, in the worst case a feeling of frustration, can arise. Then it's time to persevere, don't give up right away. Everyone has to go through it, the greater the joy when you have overcome the difficulty.

Music is a "musical" language. Each piece conveys emotions that must be grasped and expressed by the player. You can play a melody funny, sad, joyful, angry, solemn, etc.

Sometimes we practice playing a sad piece in a funny way in class and vice versa. In this way you learn to use emotions more consciously and also to influence your own emotional state. This can also help to drive away gloomy moods in life