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Security should be the top priority for every internet-enabled PC and equipping the computer with a firewall and anti-virus program should be a must. Only then can you surf the web, check e-mails, shop online and, thanks to banking mode, use the “Avast Secure Browser” to securely conduct banking transactions. The complete solution "Avast Premium Security" offers such all-round protection with an antivirus module, firewall against hackers and protection against ransomware, malware or phishing emails. "Avast Premium Security" monitors running programs and apps, downloads and other actions on the Internet for viruses, spyware, ransomware, Trojans and malware in real time. If you connect a USB hard drive or a USB stick, these drives will also be scanned automatically. In addition, you can manually check your system or individual files for malware or run programs and documents safely in a sandbox. Practical for gamers: if you activate the "do not disturb mode", Avast switches off all notifications and you can gamble undisturbed.

Avast Premium Security: Protection against ransomware and spam

"Avast Premium Security" also deals with so-called ransomware, which blocks your computer or data and only releases it again for a "ransom". In the first step, the two-stage ransomware protection tries to prevent blackmail viruses from getting onto your computer in the first place. In a second step, folders with important documents, photos and other files can also be sealed off from being changed, deleted or encrypted. In addition, "Avast Premium Security" sorts out annoying advertising and phishing emails. Both incoming and outgoing mails or newsgroup messages are analyzed by the "Anti-Spam" module. If you use Microsoft Outlook, the program checks the file attachments in your emails. Using white or blacklists, you can define addresses that are either harmless or should always be blocked.

Avast Premium Security: Detect malware and browser add-ons

In addition to real-time protection against intruders, you can use “Avast Premium Security” to check your PC for malware infections and security gaps using the “SmartScan” option. This 1-click function detects, among other things, suspicious browser add-ons, network threats, viruses and outdated, security-endangered software as well as weak passwords. The "CyberCapture" technology used is also practical. It identifies previously unknown or modified malicious programs that can hardly be cracked with classic signatures. If you run suspicious files, they are isolated, loaded into the Avast cloud and analyzed by the manufacturer in a time window of around two hours. You will receive information about the result and the file will either be quarantined or can be used normally.

Avast Premium Security: Use a firewall

The firewall integrated in "Avast Premium Security" monitors all data traffic via the network or the Internet. In this way, you can explicitly allow or prohibit access to the Internet for each individual software. If unknown applications want to access the network, you will be informed immediately. With the “WLAN Inspector” from “Avast Premium Security” you can also analyze your home network for security gaps in all devices in the WLAN, such as routers, connected computers and tablets. When surfing the Internet, plugins for Firefox and Chrome warn of sites with malware or phishing. If you wish, you can also prevent any tracking for analysis or advertising purposes, identify incorrect website addresses and correct them if possible, and have Google, Bing & Co. mark the search results as safe or unsafe.

Avast Secure Browser: Shop securely online

"Avast Premium Security" provides the "Avast Secure Browser" with its "banking mode" for effective protection of Internet banking transactions and security for online shopping, including the associated use of credit card numbers and payments with PayPal. In banking mode, you start the "Secure Browser" in a virtual, isolated environment that protects your banking and online data against keyloggers and phishing. The protection mechanism "Real Site", which prevents DNS hijacking and the theft of your data by fake websites, goes in the same direction. Another security zone that "Avast Premium Security" offers is a "sandbox" in which you execute suspicious files in a protected area.

Avast Premium Security: Secure your webcam from hackers

"Avast Premium Security" also pays attention to the protection of your webcam, which can be a security problem, especially on laptops with an integrated camera. To do this, the "webcam protection" blocks malware and other apps that want to activate the camera unnoticed. For this espionage protection, you can either only allow trustworthy programs access without being asked or, in principle, request your consent for every access. If you play it safe and want to protect your privacy, turn off all access rigorously.

Avast Premium Security: Create a rescue CD and manage passwords securely

"Avast Premium Security" helps you to store new passwords centrally and securely under Firefox and Google Chrome. The passwords can also be synchronized with other computers, Android smartphones or iOS devices such as iPad and iPhone using an Avast account. “Avast Premium Security” is rounded off with a powerful shredder for files and partitions as well as a software updater that automatically notifies you of the latest versions of the most important programs and apps and installs them. Last but not least, you can create a rescue medium on USB with just a few clicks or save a corresponding ISO image to CD for burning.

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