Is it harmful to eat sweets after a meal?

Sweets: This is what happens to your body when you eat them every day

Sweets can really sweeten the day. As a quick snack in between or relaxed on the couch in the evening - the sweet sins just make us happy while they melt in our mouths. However, that they do not exactly contribute to our health and can cause negative things in our body, nourish acne and cause illness, we should all be aware. For those who do not know what we are talking about or who have simply suppressed it, we have once again investigated very carefully and Listed five effects that happen when you consume sweet snacks every day.

1. You gain weight

Sweets are real calorie bombs, so that a small snack often covers the calorie requirement that we would actually eat in the form of lunch. For example, 100 grams of milk chocolate adds up to 537 kilocalories. In addition, there are carbohydrates that are contained in the milk. Those who indulge in a snack every day need not be surprised about excess pounds on their stomach, legs and buttocks ...

2. Your teeth are attacked

Sugar is broken down into bacteria in our mouth, which in turn attack our tooth enamel. If the chocolate bar, gummy bears or sweets are part of your daily diet, the risk of tooth decay increases, in which the tooth substance is destroyed. Brushing teeth or rinsing with mineral water after a sweet sin should therefore be the rule. However, this approach does not legitimize daily reaching into the bowl of sweets. ☝🏼

3. The risk of diabetes increases

In fact, it's not just minor damage that daily consumption of sweets can cause. A study by the University of Paderborn shows that the risk of diabetes and increased consumption of sweets go hand in hand. The reason for this were metabolic parameters, such as an increased fatty liver or inflammation value, which indicated diabetes and were found in adults who could not keep their hands off sweets as children.

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4. Your skin suffers

Especially those who struggle with skin that is prone to pimples and acne should only consume sweets in moderation. Because even if a piece of chocolate or the juicy rubber animal is really delicious, these things contain a lot of sugar, which in turn is the perfect breeding ground for impurities. It first drives up the insulin level and thus causes stress in our body, which is ultimately reflected in pimples and the like. 🍭

5. Your brain is damaged

Another long-term consequence of having too many sweets that we eat every day is damage to our brain. Researchers at the Berlin Charités discovered that too much sugar contributes to the fact that our memory center in the brain is paralyzed. This could be ascertained with the help of various test persons who were unable to remember fewer words after consuming foods containing sugar. Another study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information also confirmed the result and demonstrated, with the help of children, that their concentration decreased significantly after a sweet breakfast.

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