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Rogu (Likewise Mitsuki called) is a shinobi from Orochimaru's followers and his son. He was created by him as an artificial human and is genetically identical to Mitsuki, but is older than Mitsuki.


Rogu is an older version of Mitsuki in appearance. He has tousled light blue hair, pale skin and narrow, distinctive eyes. A scar runs diagonally across his cheek under his right eye. For the secret meeting with Orochimaru, he wears a black cape with a hood. On his first public appearance, he wears heavy armor reminiscent of that of a samurai. To hide his face, he chose a kabuki mask. He seems to be seen often with a cigarette.


Rogu's true character traits remain largely opaque. Since his endeavor to win Mitsuki for himself was only part of Orochimaru's plan, his actual attitude is not reflected here. He seems unemotional and seems like a calm person. Nevertheless, he lets it through that Mitsuki's future is important to him.


Rogu is assigned by Orochimaru to influence Mitsuki during a sham mission so that he changes to his side and awakens his hidden powers. Orochimaru and Mitsuki fight him to get to Mitsuki's supposedly stolen memories. After five unsuccessful attempts, after which Mitsuki's memory was erased each time, they manage to put Mitsuki in such a desperate position that he turns into a Sennin Moodo. Rogu isn't sure if Mitsuki will have a bright future, but Orochimaru assures him that he will have a "bright" future.



  • Rogu is actually called too Mitsuki, but for the sake of clarity it is called rogu here.


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