What are ways to learn to code

Learn the basics of programming

If you want to design websites or adapt web applications, it is best to start with the basics. HTML and CSS are not programming languages ​​per se, but are the foundation of most websites and should be the starting point even when programming for beginners. With the help of HTML you design website elements and thus build a basic framework. You go one step further with HTML5, there are more (audio) visual options here.

The design is done with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). All properties of the elements such as position or color are specified here. With HTML and CSS you build simple, functional, but only static pages. If you have the source material at hand, you can start programming. For first attempts with dynamic pages, it is best to use the relatively simple scripting language JavaScript. JavaScript is used to set dynamic websites um, the z. B. have automatic resizing and picture galleries. PHP and SQL complete the basic package for programming web applications. PHP is an open source scripting language and can be embedded in HTML. SQL is a database language with which you can define and edit data structures and query the databases based on them. When designing more complex pages (e.g. with a member's area) and working with CMS, basic knowledge of PHP and SQL makes work considerably easier.

Of course, this is only one small selection from the numerous languages ​​and scripts for the web. But you can create one with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL and PHP solid knowledge basewhich is sufficient for most Internet applications. Good documentation suitable for beginners as well as tutorials for all of the scripts and languages ​​mentioned can be found at W3Schools.com.