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The Future is now: The Top 9 Travel Technologies of the Future

Our world is changed almost every day by the invention of new technologies - including, of course, the way we travel and the possibilities that are available to us thanks to various gadgets and digital helpers. In the following we have selected for you nine of the most exciting current or upcoming technologies that could soon have a significant impact on your personal travel experience!

1. Ricoh Theta - unique 360-degree images in just one impression

Fisheye lenses, panel shots, special all-round settings for a lot of money - there are numerous options for framing your vacation photos as comprehensively as possible, but this new camera from Ricoh now offers you something that has never been seen before: Simple 360- Degree recordings with just a single push of a button, without the painstaking setup of a tripod or other time-consuming procedures. The practical device can be used in several modes and, in addition to pictures, also record all-round sound, so that when you look at your holiday recordings you feel like you've been back on holiday.

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2. goTenna - your private communication network, wherever you need it

Do you belong to that group of travelers who like to take a complete break from everyday life with a few friends on vacation and just go camping, hiking, mountain biking or mountaineering somewhere in the middle of nowhere? Then goTenna could become your new constant companion in the future. The practical device can be easily connected to any smartphone or tablet and then allows you to communicate with other devices of its kind using radio waves via your own transmission network without cell phone reception or transmission towers. The range of the signal is several kilometers, but is also amplified and thus expanded by every further goTenna user within your range. Of course, you can also use the goTenna app in urban areas - for example as a free alternative to normal SMS, which can often be quite expensive due to roaming costs, especially when abroad.

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3. eGee Smart TSA Luggage Lock - so that your luggage is even safer when traveling

Everyone knows this brief moment of frustration when traveling, when you have just locked your suitcase securely and then realize that you would rather wear a hoodie or that you should take this scarf with you in your suitcase rather than in your hand luggage. So set the code again, open everything, repackage, and lock it again securely. The eGee Smart TSA Luggage Lock makes such things much easier - the lock offers you the highest level of locking security with the simplest of handling: You simply connect it to your smartphone or tablet, and you open or close it with a simple touch. A small light shows you whether the luggage lock is currently open or closed. A built-in rangefinder also ensures that you can no longer accidentally forget your suitcase - if you move too far, you will be warned by a signal.

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4. Virtual Reality - wander through your hotel before you even travel there

Virtual Reality, or VR for short, has been in trend for some time - at the latest with the breakthrough of VR video games last year, there is now almost no tech fan who has not yet seen the unreal places of the VR world that seem lifelike has entered. Various travel providers are already making use of this technology and are therefore offering their guests the best travel preview possible - a VR tour through their facilities, so that you can basically do a personal tour before booking. Virgin Holidays, Flight Center and Thomas Cook are only the first providers to jump on the VR bandwagon, and we are sure that many more will follow in the coming months and years.

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5. Bluetooth beanies - the fanciest headphones you have ever had

Do you know that? You want to listen to music on your way home in winter, but between a hat, a scarf, three layers of clothing and headphones, the whole thing quickly turns into an absolutely impractical cable-clothing knot, in which your long hair or earrings sometimes mix - just the thought it makes you lose your pleasure. Some manufacturers such as Qshell, Tenergy, Highfever and more have now solved exactly this problem - with their super chic and much more practical Bluetooth beanie. The stylish hat combines wearing comfort including warm ears with Bluetooth headphones, which you can easily control via inconspicuous buttons on the side of the hat - no cables, no tangled cables, no unpleasant pressure points in your ears due to ear pieces that are used by hats and co your auricle being squeezed. It couldn't be more convenient!

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6. Vuzix M3000 Smart Glasses - glasses, smartphones, cameras and more

Think how many movies you've seen in the last few years in which some future people had futuristic glasses with cameras, HUDs, voice-controlled computer assistants and a lot more. Didn't you think back then how cool it would be if something like that really existed? And what if I tell you that the time has finally come? Vuzix are the pioneers in smart glasses technology and they will soon be releasing their latest model: the Vuzix M3000. This truly innovative wearable combines the functions of your smartphone, including thousands of apps, integrated GPS, a camera with live transmission options and more, with the practical design of half-sided glasses to make all functions available to you as augmented reality applications. Who would have dreamed of that in the days of Terminator and Co.?

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7. Driverless cars - for a stress-free journey by private car

Tesla, General Motors, Audi, Ford - almost all major automobile manufacturers are currently in the race to see who will be the first to bring a series-production driverless car onto the market. These “autonomous vehicles” should become available to the public in the next one to five years and revolutionize the way we get from A to B privately. If you think the whole thing is nonsense, it should be said that it is no longer just a distant wishful thinking - the first road tests in Great Britain and the USA have already been carried out successfully and more are being planned. It remains to be seen when we will actually be able to get into the first car that drives alone - according to NVIDIA Managing Director Jensen Huang, in any case before 2022. We remain excited!

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8. LG Portable & Bluetooth Wireless Rolly Keyboard - for your mobile office

Do you often go on business trips or maybe even spend your life as a digital nomad? Then you should definitely keep an eye on this great gadget - the Wireless Rolly Keyboard from LG. With this new type of portable device you have the keyboard for your smartphone or tablet with you at all times - and it is handy and space-saving, but just as functional as any normal computer keyboard. Simply roll up the keys, connect the Rolly Keyboard wirelessly to your device via Bluetooth, and you can start typing on it - you can leave the laptop at home on your next trip.

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9. Travel bots - your smart companions from booking to returning home

Travel bots - or travel bots - are on everyone's lips this year. The practical digital assistants can communicate with you via text messages or even via voice control and help you to find the best deals for flights, hotels, rental cars and more or give you personalized recommendations for must-sees at the holiday destination, restaurants that you should try, or worthwhile opportunities for going out and other activities.

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Do you know any more cool futuristic gadgets and gadgets that should definitely be on this list? Then just tell us about it in the comments!

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