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Shania Twain recently gave for that Billboard Magazine gave an interview in which she talked about her success at the age of 50 and her upcoming album.

For the young girl with stage fright, whose parents died early in a car accident, the tide suddenly turned in the 1990s when she moved to Nashville. Her signature voice has been discovered, the rest is history. Shania has sold over 35 million albums in the US, is the most successful country artist in the past 25 years, and the proud owner of five Grammys. No question about it, Shania was the ultimate crossover artist and enriched both the country and pop charts with numerous hits such as “You're Still the One,” “Man! I Feel Like a Woman! " or "Honey, I'm Home".

"Shania showed the entire music industry that you had completely new opportunities for a career in country music and how far you could expand them," said Taylor Swift of the singer. “She worked so many elements into what she stood for. She created real 'fashion moments', she was sexy, you got the impression she was telling you exactly what was going through her head, she was a copywriter, storyteller and dynamic performer at the highest level. She has been through quite a bit in her life but persevered. She was elegant edgyand daring. Shania became everyone's favorite because she stood for how diverse a woman can be. "

Twain's ambition paid off. Despite criticism of her freedom of movement and a ban on her first music video “What Made You Say That”. Eight singles from her album Come on overmade it into the top 10 of the country charts. In 1998 she went on an 18-month stadium tour. Until the beginning of the 2000s, all the hype about her daring outfits seemed to be a thing of the past, if you remember her catsuit in "I'm Gonna Getcha Good!". There was simply no getting around Twain.

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Shania is now not only a seasoned artist, she has cracked the 50s mark and is currently working at full speed on her new album. "I write most of my songs in the bathroom," Twain said with a laugh. “Or in the basement. Or on the beach. ”Most of the new songs were written in her home in the Bahamas, with one song written in her hotel closet. “It sounds strange, but I need this isolation. I have to feel alone with my thoughts. "

She describes her new album as “musically a bit schizophrenic”, but she herself remains the glue that holds everything together. “It will be more about pain,” reveals the Canadian. “But I didn't feel the urge to speak literally of anger or hate. It's very triumphant in the end. I thought 'Wow! I persevered! I kept writing all the songs about it! ‘. It was an emotional roller coaster ride and the lyrics reflect that. "

But Shania also looked back on her career path and how far she has come after her difficult childhood. “How can you suddenly feel that you belong if you haven't done it in your previous life? It's tough flipping the switch all at once. That doesn't take away from your success either. Being famous or important doesn't feel normal to me. It doesn't really suit me. If I could be successful but not famous - that would suit me better. "

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