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Netflix series "You": Season 2 will reveal new murder details for Season 1

The first season "You" was released on Netflix in the winter of 2018, after it had already premiered on the US pay-TV channel Lifetime. The series was very well received, a second season has already been approved and will be released exclusively by the streaming provider in 2019. The main actor has now become

Penn Badgley recently voiced the prospect of entirely new revelations.

"You" Season 2: Beck's death is re-illuminated

In the first round of "You", several characters have blessed their time, but no death has shaken the audience as much as that of Beck (Elizabeth Lail). She was murdered by Joe Goldberg (Badgley), who subsequently became Dr. Nicky (John Stamos) blamed it. The killing itself was nowhere to be seen, but according to Badgley, fans will get fresh impressions of revealing Entertainment Tonight in season two.

"In the second episode of the second season you will get to see a little more of the cruel reality of what he did to her," explained the star, "while you were graciously spared it before." Badgley after Beck's murder haunts him and he finds it disturbingthat Joe did that and "You" still goes on and the fans love him. But Joe is not a normal man: "In his mind she's not even dead. Everyone is still alive because the pain they suffered from her still feels very much alive to them."

Penn Badgley: It's exhausting!

The work on the second season "You" turned out to be quite difficult for the main actor.

It got disgusting on the set, but the 32-year-old was also challenged overall: "It's physically and emotionally exhausting," he admitted. "Joe brings a lot of work to it. For example, I recently got involved in a certain scene hurt the back."

Hopefully the injury isn't too acute. The first season "You" can be seen on Netflix, but there is not yet a specific release date for the second.

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